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   Chapter 577 A Strange Thing In The Battlefield

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6747

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When the man in black had just taken control of a dozen corpse soldiers surrounding him, Austin, who vanished just a while ago, appeared in sight again.

He was startled by Austin's bodily movement skill––mysteriously appearing and disappearing without any trace. He hurriedly waved the corpse flag in his hand, and the dozen corpse soldiers growled and came at Austin.

Austin internally controlled the Thunder Elixir in his body. Suddenly, a few wisps of thunder radiance erupted. The corpse soldiers were blown up like kites with their strings cut out, and their body parts that had been hit were charred and gave off a burning smell.

Using thunder radiance against the corpse soldiers worked wonders as they were filth of evil. Wherever the thunderstruck landed, the stinking corpse miasma would backtrack to avoid the powerful radiance.

Soon, the dozen corpse soldiers, including the corpse general, were all thrown far away.

The man in black, who was from the Ghost Sect, was frightened out of his wits. He turned and tried to run away when he saw the violent flashes of thunder radiance appeared and swept away all the corpse soldiers and the general who surrounded him. However, before he could even take a step, a few flashes of thunder radiance fell upon him. He felt as if his body was hit by several sledgehammers. Seconds later, he was thrown into the air, landed on the ground, and his body turned into a smoked corpse.

Austin tapped the ground with his toes and quickly charged at the man as fast as lightning. Then he reached for the black corpse flags and waved them in a certain rhythm.

Immediately, more than 30 corpse soldiers turned around. They stopped attacking people of Sun Sect, and instead attacked those from the Ghost Sect who had command and control of the corpses.

Austin then released his spiritual sense to penetrate into the brain of the corpse general. He intended to wipe out the spiritual sense in its head and attach his own to put the general under his full contr

d a few fierce attacks with his vital energy force. Taking advantage of Theon and the other two men's full resistance, he quickly retreated nearly a hundred meters back.

As his gaze swept the battlefield, he immediately found that there were indeed several corpse soldiers and generals attacking members of the Ghost Sect.

"How in the hell does this happen? Each corpse general is controlled by our men with spiritual sense, and each corpse soldier is also controlled by our men with a corpse flag. Why do they turn on our people?

What the hell is wrong here?"

For a moment, Seth couldn't figure out what was happening.

"Does this have anything to do with that young man?"

In doubt, he suddenly saw Austin who was shuttling around the battlefield, killing members of the Ghost Sect from left to right.

"Guardian Xi, what's going on?

"Why are these corpse soldiers and generals attacking our own people?"

Jaime and another master of the Ghost Sect stopped attacking the elders of the Sun Sect and retreated to where Seth was.

"Sect Leader, what's going on here?"

The five Elders of the Sun Sect, who were gathered around Theon, looked at the situation in the battlefield, wondering what bizarre thing was taking place.

"I have no idea," replied Theon.

"Whatever it is, it seems that it's good on our side."

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