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   Chapter 576 Immunity To Corpse Miasma

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7643

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"What a surprise! I hadn't expected that he would return at such a critical moment."

A Steward of the Sun Sect hit a corpse soldier, and hurled the soldier off the peak's edge. A second soldier was slammed into the ground, his right arm severed by the Steward's vital energy force. Then the Steward looked towards the bottom of the mountain. Ecstasy sparkled in his eyes when he saw the figure who rushed up the peak like a lightning bolt.

The Steward was Murray.

As the crackling noise grew closer, the figure flashing up the mountain slope to the peak emitted a brilliant glaring light. In the blink of an eye, Austin stood in front of them and looked around with a casual expression.

"It's Austin! I can't believe this!"

"I know him! He is Austin. He was once the topmost one of outer disciples."

"It's said that he has become a legend in the foreign lands where he has traveled. Everyone knows his name..."

Many of the disciples of the Sun Sect began murmuring among themselves when they saw Austin's sudden appearance.

Austin had recently been a celebrity in the Violet Orchid Empire, and he was known to all the disciples of the Sun Sect. They were proud that such a famous figure like Austin had come from the Sun Sect.

In the midst of battle, everyone's attention was diverted to the magnificent figure of Austin who was wreathed in lightning.

"Austin! You son of bitch! Today, I will break you into pieces to avenge the death of my grandson,"

an angry scream echoed at Austin's presence.

"Oh, it's you! Jaime!

Ha-ha! I just wondered where you were. That's good! We can deal with all that business now, face to face.

You have nowhere to run today, you old asshole!"

His eyes burned with killing intent when he looked at Jaime. He could not forget that Jaime's sneak attack had resulted in him going crazy for three years and becoming a moron.

"So you are Austin!

The celebrated young hero!

I believe that you know full well the future of the Violet Orchid Empire. Our Ghost Sect has triumphed over more than half of the empire with our irresistible force.

Austin, I could use a young hero like you. If you'd like to join our sect, I promise you the sect will offer you special treatment. And I will recommend you to the rank of

nce and support strengthened the Sun Sect.

"Ha-ha! I can't believe that this guy alone could possibly turn things around. The Sun Sect has no chance."

Seth was surprised to see how Austin's coming had fired up the fighting will in the eyes of the Sun Sect disciples. This infuriated him to his black core. He began activating all of his vital energy force, forming a ferocious ghost in front of him. The ghost screeched sadly and shrilly, making all who heard it come out with goosebumps and fear. An evil wind rolled in as the ghost rushed at Theon and the Elders who fought alongside him.

Meanwhile, as Austin downed the corpse general, his sharp eyes noticed a man in black, who had stayed some distance behind the corpse general.

He realized that the man in black was the one who controlled the corpse general.

The man in black, however, began to back away in fear. In a panic he thought, 'Austin has discovered that I'm the one controlling the corpse general!'

While the man was still fleeing in uncertainty, Austin leaped into the air and immediately disappeared.

The man was surprised at Austin's disappearance, yet he could not shake the grim sense of foreboding which gripped his spine. Fearfully he activated his skill and the corpse general rose from the crumpled heap on the ground and came over to shield him.

Meanwhile, he frantically waved the black corpse flag in his hand.

A few seconds later, a dozen corpse soldiers surrounded him, tightly forming a protective circle around him.

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