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   Chapter 575 It Is Austin!

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Hearing the laughter, even Theon lost his nerve somewhat and his face turned cold in an instant.

"A crooked brat! How dare you act so presumptuously!"

Theon was staring at Seth advancing on him and felt angry but also threatened by Seth's shockingly strong vital energy force.

Theon's cultivation base was at the premium stage of the Mysterious Realm. However, Seth's vital energy force was even stronger than his!

"This man's cultivation base is actually in the Sky Realm!"

Theon could not help but be shocked.

"Elder Xu, Elder Xiao, let's form the Three Endowment Violet Yang Battle Array!"

As soon as it was confirmed that the leader of the Ghost Sect was a master of Sky Realm, Theon stopped hesitating and immediately shouted to the other two Elders.

The Three Endowment Violet Yang Battle Array was the ultimate battle move of the Sun Sect.

An Elder with silver hair and a small, thin-body Elder immediately moved to Theon's side upon hearing his call. The three formed a triangular shape, and the vital energy in their bodies burst forth.

In the blink of an eye, their vital energy forces were joined into a whole, and their vital energy forces began circulating among each other.

"Ha-ha! It doesn't matter what battle array you are forming."

Laughing madly, Seth quickly moved on Theon. From the extremely violent vital energy force, a dark, fierce ghost claw filled with a very strong stench of corpse miasma flashed in front of Theon, and then it strangely disappeared in an instant.

"Be careful!"

Theon formed a seal with his hands summoning a bright golden palm containing majestic energy. If the claw reappeared, he would block the attack on him.

Suddenly, the dark, fierce ghost claw appeared in midair in front of Theon and crashed savagely into the golden palm.


The loud and intense explosion of energy pushed Theon, Elder Xu and Elder Xiao three steps backwards.

Seth also took three steps back.

Theon and his fellows couldn't help but feel a sense of joy.

ummit of Sun Mountain seemed to have become a butcher's workplace, given the wanton carnage.

"It looks like this is the end of the Sun Sect."

Looking at the mounds of fallen Sun Sect disciples, Theon's eyes turned red and a powerless sense of despair ate at his proud heart.

"This is not good."

"The Sun Sect is finished!"

... ...

The Elders sighed with desperation.

Anyone could see that in less than an hour the remaining Sun Sect disciples would be slaughtered.

But what could they do?

A deep sense of despair and finality began to fill the hearts of all the Sun Sect members.

And right at this darkest of moments, "These barking dogs from Ghost Sect dare to challenge the Sun Sect. You will regret this!"

At the bottom of the mountain peak, there was suddenly a thunderous laughter. The sound resounded and passed clearly to everyone's ears.

On top of the mountain, the fighting slacked momentarily as everyone was slightly stunned by the unusual sound.

Listening to the oddly familiar laughter. Theon was at first stunned and then his eyes burst into a glittering smile as he felt relief and ecstasy flood his fatigued soul.

"Austin! It is Austin!"

Theon could not help crying out.

"It really is Austin!"

The rest of the Elders also shouted. Somehow the light of hope was now rekindled in everyone's heart.

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