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   Chapter 574 Fight To The Death

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The Sect Leader and Elders of the Sun Sect stood atop the Sun Mountain. Instead of surrendering and joining the Ghost Sect, they were determined to fight to the death.

Their decision completely enraged the Ghost Sect.

"Kill everyone of the Sun Sect! I'll refine them to corpse soldiers," a cold voice emanated from within the Ghost Sect's camp.

The voice was menacing, reverberating through the Sun Mountain.

Instantly, about six hundred unholy figures rushed out from the Ghost Sect's camp. In the front ranks of these were countless corpse soldiers surrounded by intense corpse miasmas. Many corpse generals were among these corpse soldiers. Behind them came the disciples of the Ghost Sect, who were dressed all in black robes and looked rather scary. They ran towards the peak of the Sun Mountain, and the whole mountain started to tremble as booted feet struck stones in the mad ascent to battle.

"They're launching an attack!" Theon cried.

His face and those of the Elders changed. They had fought against the Ghost Sect many times during the past few days, suffering repeated defeats. They, and all the disciples of the Sun Sect, had been cornered on the peak of the Sun Mountain. This was to be their last stand, it seemed.

This time, it appeared that the Ghost Sect planned to wipe all of them out. They came swarming from their camp like hornets from a nest.

As the members of the Ghost Sect came closer and closer, the peak of the Sun Mountain was surrounded by a strong murderous will. The earth shook slightly. The corpse soldiers and corpse generals, surrounded by their dense corpse miasmas, were putting the whole Sun Sect under great pressure.

"Disciples of the Energy Gathering Realm, make groups of three each. Disciples at the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm, work in pairs. Disciples above the medium stage of Earth Realm and Stewards, fight on your own. Elders, let's deal with the corpse generals!

And stay together! Do not leave your post. Let's fo

disciples. That was why the Ghost Sect had been able to defeat the Sun Sect so easily thus far.

"Great. As long as you remain loyal to us, I'm sure our Sect Leader will promote you to a higher position once we rule the Violet Orchid Empire. With your cultivation base, you will have a great future," said Seth.

He was rather satisfied with Jaime.

"Truly? Thank you so much, Elder Xi,"

Jaime said respectfully as he smiled from ear to ear.

He knew Seth enjoyed a lofty position within the Ghost Sect. Jaime had decided to cultivate his friendship in order to benefit from it.

"No problem.

Let's get started!"

With their bodily movement skills, the three figures levitating above the camp of the Ghost Sect flew to the battlefield like three loosed arrows. They were all strong cultivators, and could change the situation of the battle in the blink of an eye.

"Haw-haw! Theon, I didn't expect the Sun Sect to survive for three days under our attack. You have impressed me.

Nevertheless, you will eventually lose the fight. What a pity!

Theon, don't worry. After you're dead, I will collect your corpse and make you into a corpse king. Then you will be under my control.

Haw-haw... Haw-haw..."

Seth's loud, arrogant laugh reverberated over the whole of Sun Mountain, angering the entire Sun Sect.

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