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   Chapter 573 The Final Battle

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All of a sudden Austin killed the skinny man, much to the shock of all of the gathered Ghost Sect cultivators. After a stunned moment they all began to scream at once.

Altar Owner Lu?

Austin was also stunned. He recalled that the members of the Ghost Sect who he had met at Valley Town had actually been sent by the thirtieth Altar Owner. And the last name of that man happened to be Lu. So, was the person he had just killed in fact the thirtieth Altar Owner?

Then Austin burst into laughter.

"That's Austin. Hey, you guys, look. Isn't that Austin?"

"That's right. It's Austin!" At the same time, some of the disciples of the Sun Sect, who were besieged by corpse soldiers and generals in the center of the Martial Arts Square, recognized Austin's face and called his name in a low voice.

Meanwhile, dozens of the Ghost Sect members had already waved their corpse flags ordering scores of corpse soldiers to lay siege to Austin and Violet.

Simultaneously, two or three corpse generals also swooped down on them.

Seeing their enemies' moves, Violet chuckled while taking out a few corpse flags of her own. Then she began to wave the flags too.

Suddenly, hundreds of corpse soldiers gathered behind Austin and Violet rushed forward, blocking attacks from the other corpse soldiers.

Austin also opened a corpse nourishing bag which was belted around his waist, and twenty corpse generals lined up, ready for his orders.

Under the lead of his spiritual sense, the twenty corpse generals quickly jumped forward and besieged the other fifteen corpse generals in the Martial Arts Square.

Due to their superior strength in numbers, Austin's corpse generals quickly surrounded the fifteen corpse generals under the command of the Ghost Sect, and these generals soon found themselves at a disadvantage.

"Who the hell are you? Where did you learn how to control the corpse armies of our sect?"

the members of the Ghost Sect shouted in offense, shocked by the twenty corpse generals which had been sent out by Austin.

However, Austin had no time for explanations. He waved his arms slightly toward the members of the Ghost Sect.


Dozens of lightning bolts, thick as human arms, struck the members of the Ghost Sect fiercely and all at once.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

All the members that were hit by the lightning streaks were knocked to the ground like kites with broken strings. As they fell into crumpled heaps, each of them turned into a mass of coal, smoke rising from their remains. The air became filled with the stench of singed hair and burnt flesh.

After Altar Owner Lu, who was in the medium stage of the Mysterious Realm, had died, the strongest remaining members of the Ghost Sect were only at the primary stage of the Mysterious Realm.

Since Austin had already managed to refine the beast soul of the thunder unicorn, and possessed the Thunder Elixir, and had been absorbing natural thunder force for a while, his ability of controlling thunder and lightning was largely improved. Moreover, the thunder energy which was st

t Sect have gone too far. Sect Leader, why are you still hesitating right now? Just give the order and let us fight them to the death!"

one of the Elders, whose face had already turned red with fury, said when he heard the sound.

"Elders, are you all in favor of fighting them now?"

Theon glanced at the Elders one by one. Although he was the Sect Leader, he still had to listen to the advice of all the Elders when it came to matters that concerned life and death.

"Sect Leader, the Ghost Sect is an evil sect. We have always considered ourselves as disciples of a decent sect. We can never join those vicious people.

Under circumstances like this, I think we must fight now.

Even if we all die in battle, we will die with honor. Then we can meet the ancestors without guilt."

All the Elders gave an amazingly consistent proposal. Even the Stewards agreed to entering battle.

After all, the Ghost Sect had always been regarded as an evil existence by the cultivators of all the other sects in the Violet Orchid Empire. When the name of the Ghost Sect was brought up, the disciples of the decent sects would start to curse. Deep down the populace had already begun seeing the Ghost Sect as the embodiment of evil.

"All right. Since we have all agreed to fight them, then let's cast our lot and battle them!"

Finally, Theon had made up his mind to fight.

"All villains of the Ghost Sect, hear this: Although we are not a powerful sect, we are still a decent and upright sect in the Violet Orchid Empire. And we will never surrender to evil beings like you!

You want a fight? Then let's fight!"

Theon used his vital energy to project his voice to the bottom of the mountain.

After a while.

"Ha-ha-ha, perfect! That's perfect! I'm tired of your simpleton reasoning. Since you want to play the 'holier than thou' game, I'll let you face the end of that act.

None of you will get away this time. I'll kill you all!"

It was easy to tell that the man who was speaking was trying very hard to suppress his anger.

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