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   Chapter 572 Back To The Martial Arts Square (Part Three)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6488

Updated: 2019-07-31 14:07

Even though there were about a thousand disciples in total, not a single soul dared to revolt against the Ghost Sect or attempt to flee.

Expressions of sheer terror and fright were obvious in the way some curled into themselves and hid behind others while glancing warily at the scary-looking corpse soldiers and generals. Some of them clumped nearer the more powerful cultivators of the sect, desperately finding a sense of security in depending on their members. Moreover, the disciples found it more dreadful to look at the undead, and it was clear as day that they would not even consider fighting them.

Disappointedly shaking his head at the pitiful sight of the members of the Sun Sect, Austin briefly considered that the disciples must have gotten too relaxed and complacent from their peaceful lives that they did not have the courage to fight when they were faced with real, imminent danger. 'A cultivator is only worth something if they can at least defend themselves, ' he thought bitterly and rolled his eyes at the waste of potential the disciples exhibited as they cowered among themselves like frightened preys.

As Austin scanned the crowd for familiar faces, he recognized some of his old acquaintances from when he had stayed in the sect.

One of the people among the crowd was Marquis, who Austin recalled as having ranked first among the Top 10 outer disciples.

In the past, it was the same man who had reminded Austin that the disciples who snagged a position in the top three of the Top Ten Outer Disciples Ranking Challenge would be given the opportunity to be promoted to the rank of a principal disciple. After the tip given by Marquis, Austin then attended the competition and managed to become a principal disciple.

Because of his advice, Austin had a good lasting impression of Marquis and considered him to be a dear friend.

After ascertaining the condition of the disciples, Austin right there and

the Mysterious Realm. His movement was incredibly fast as his sudden appearance in front of the man appeared like teleportation. The man in black did not even have any time to defend himself.

Slowly, Austin pulled his razor-sharp sword from the man's chest, sighing at the dripping blood at the blade. The merciless eyes of Austin then looked at the decaying man's body which started to burn with raging fire.

Before standing up, Austin did not forget to grab the corpse nourishing bag and the Space Ring hanging on the man's waist.

Exactly five seconds later, the other members of the Ghost Sect who witnessed the scene visibly panicked and anxiously poised themselves into fighting positions. They all shouted with apprehension at Austin, "Who the hell are you?!"

With the burning body beneath his feet, he silently stood up and let his sword transform back into nothingness as he stared condescendingly at the cultivators of Ghost Sect.

"How could you kill Altar Owner Lu?! You are not a member of our noble sect!"

"How can you control the corpse soldiers?" With all the questions yelled at him, Austin merely strode forward with the troop behind him. It did not matter to him if they tried to stop them, anyway; everyone who stood in their way was definitely going to die.

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