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   Chapter 571 Back To The Martial Arts Square (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6707

Updated: 2019-07-31 13:57

The corpse generals, as well as the corpse soldiers under the Ghost Sect's control, might be able to terrorize other average cultivators with their unpleasant and deadly ptomaine. However, Austin had no such worries due to his Golden Sun Scripture that could entirely suppress the ptomaine of the corpses. As a matter of fact, the man was nearly immune to the poison discharged by the dead after he refined the Scorching Evil Fire.

Moreover, Austin had also downright understood the method of subduing and controlling the persistent corpse soldiers and corpse generals.

Under normal circumstances, most cultivators would avoid encountering the corpse armies as much as they could. As for Austin, he was thrilled and his eyes alight with purpose the minute he saw the corpses moving about in front of him. Just like a child being presented with brand new toys to play with, Austin busied himself with rushing to get the undead soldiers under his control.

It was not long before he managed to enlarge his troop to over a hundred corpse soldiers and generals. The defeated ones staggered behind Austin and Violet as they moved toward the top of the mountain. Under a new leader, the soldiers blindly followed new directions and resolution to fight alongside him.

Along the way, Austin stumbled upon eight more corpse generals and subdued them in the same manner as those before them. Until then, the boy showcased great intelligence and strength as he had over thirty corpse generals under his control doing his bidding.

These corpse generals he had gathered were equivalent to thirty cultivators who were at the premium stage of the Earth Realm.

As Austin momentarily halted his movements towards the peak of the mountain, it dawned on him that the reason why the Ghost Sect had acted so arrogantly after they had reappeared in the world was their sheer confidence over their strength and their number. Challenging all the forces in the Violet Orchid Empire was a brazen move; and the fact that t

Ghost Sect were controlling the undead to patrol the place heavily.

It did not take a genius to deduce that the disciples of the Sun Sect had already been besieged by the Ghost Sect.

Most outer disciples of the Sun Sect were merely at the sixth or seventh level of the Energy Gathering Realm, while the inner disciples were mainly at the eighth or ninth level of the same realm. Moreover, a few members of the sect were able to reach the Earth Realm.

As for the principal disciples of the Sun Sect, most of them attained the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm. Some of the other disciples, too, had reached the medium stage of the Earth Realm.

Among the sect, arguably the most powerful disciples were the principal disciples who had managed to achieve the status of being at the premium stage of the Earth Realm.

The Sun Sect's disciples were in a great disadvantage, given the fact that an ordinary cultivator at the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm would face extreme difficulty in attempting to defeat a corpse soldier due to its sturdy build and the poisonous ptomaine it emitted into the air.

It was an undeniable fact that the two hundred corpse legionnaires currently situated in the square surrounding the disciples of the Sun Sect were invincible enemies, let alone the existence of the undead generals.

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