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   Chapter 570 Back To The Martial Arts Square (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-07-31 13:47

A wound up discussion about a certain cultivator became more agitated as the people talking stood in awe of his capabilities. "Yes, you are right. Austin's cultivation base has reached the Sky Realm," one of them affirmed. "His power is beyond our imagination now."

The man nibbled on his lower lip anxiously before he spoke once more, "I have personally witnessed Austin's fight with the Blood Wolf Ancestor at the royal backyard garden. He crippled the Blood Wolf Ancestor's arm with only one hit!" Widening his eyes, he whisper-shouted conspiratorially, "I would not have believed it if I were not there!"

Sighing, the man recalled how aggressively Austin had fought with the Blood Wolf Ancestor and could not help feeling a second wave of shock and even a little bit of fear at the display of the cultivator's formidable strength.

By himself, Theon could not even fathom battling such a powerful being, let alone gathering enough confidence to challenge the Blood Wolf Ancestor. On the other hand, Austin single-handedly brought grave danger to his opponent by only utilizing some of his skills. 'To think that that was not even his full strength...' the man shivered at the memory. If the emperor had not stepped in to meddle before the fatal blow Austin was about to deliver, the Blood Wolf Ancestor would have been slain that day.

"It is true then? That Austin was able to fight the Blood Wolf Ancestor? It is kind of hard to believe that he has become so powerful."

The elders and the stewards present all gasped in wonderment. Whispers through the grapevine had reached their ears about the supposed fight but they were greatly unconvinced then. Now that there was a confirmation of the occurrence, they shivered like taut wires met with a sudden disturbance.

It was all sorts of ridiculous—the fact that a former disciple of their Sun Sect was now someone who had the potential to be a remarkable cultivator and could defeat those of great power.

During the past year, Austin had a significant improvement in his martial arts cultivation. There was not a single day that Austin did not train for hours on end, choosing to prioritize the process of preparing himself through rigorous practice and adapting the kind of focus and direction unparalleled by any other cultivator. Due to his perseverance, he undoubtedly succeeded in defeating Abbott and even se

ve you a full day to consider our offer, and you have almost run out of time." Confusion, as well as panic, permeated in the air before the crowd parted to reveal the source of the unnerving voice that spoke again, "I believe it's your time to make a choice!". . .

Just as Austin and Violet arrived at the Sun Mountain, they immediately attempted to climb up the soaring peak without any rest.

Despite the treacherous pathways and the towering trees that obscured their vision, they both persevered to break through the hindrances blocking their journey. Moreover, they continued to encounter members of the infamous Ghost Sect on their way. Fortunately for them, they were able to reserve their energy due to the fact that the enemies they met while trekking up the mountain were Earth Realm cultivators at best.

While distractedly wiping the sweat dripping down his forehead, he thought their main forces must have been gathered at the top of the mountain in order to assert their power over the Sun Sect.

Since they needed their stronger members on top, they must have ordered their weaker junior members to stand guard below.

'Like hell I'm letting them get away with this!' Austin murderously thought while he gritted his teeth as he fought the scattered men of the Ghost Sect. Unluckily for the weaker cultivators that posed as guards, they were not considered as threats to both Austin and Violet as the latter alone could kill them all without wasting too much effort; her strength combined with Austin would have been more than enough to completely overpower them.

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