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   Chapter 569 Back To the Sun Mountain

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 11001

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When he found out what had happened to the Sun Sect behind him, Austin wasn't interested in staying in Valley Town any longer. He planned to head for the Sun Sect on the first possible chance. On the one hand, he wanted to get even with Jaime and on the other, he wanted to save the people of the Sun Sect, especially Murray. In his mind, Murray was just like his master and his father. Even though ever since Austin had left the Sun Sect, they had never met each other, that didn't mean that Austin had forgotten about Murray.

Before he left Valley Town, he gave the corpse flags to Mindy and taught her how to use these flags to control the corpse soldiers. Mindy was very clever and she mastered the skill in a very short time. Then Austin bid her goodbye and turned his face towards the Sun Sect.

Mindy wanted to accompany Austin on his trip to the Sun Sect, but she was only at the premium stage of the Earth Realm and it wasn't going to help Austin much if she accompanied him, so it was better for her to stay safe here.

Furthermore, Mindy had to garrison Valley Town in order to prevent the people of the Zhang Family from escaping.

With so many arguments, Austin was successful in persuading Mindy not to come with him and to stay here.

After that, Austin immediately departed for the Sun Mountains where the Sun Sect was situated.

Choosing flight this time, Austin spread the Eagle Wings on his back and soared into the sky. Within seconds, he had left Valley Town far behind him.

He had mastered various bodily movement skills now.

Using the Wind-commanding Skill allowed him to move at full pelt on the ground. Since he was at the medium stage of the Sky Realm, he could also fly with the help of the Wind-commanding Skill. However, that method was still quite slow.

It was still the Eagle Wings which allowed him to fly at the fastest possible speed in the air.

With enough vital energy pumped into the Eagle Wings, Austin could fly as rapidly as an eagle. So using the Eagle Wings to fly was by no means the quickest way to reach his destination.

It was only half a day later that the Sun Mountain finally came into Austin's view.

Staring at the rolling mountains, Austin recalled the old days during which he was practicing martial arts on the Sun Mountain.

Austin had only stayed on the Sun Mountains for about five to six years after he was brought there by Murray. Before his days in Sun Sect, he was a wanderer and usually moved from place to place.

On coming back to the Sun Mountains again, Austin had mixed feelings. He clearly remembered the day when he was compelled to leave the Sun Mountain by Abbott, the leader of the Blood Wolf Team; Dwayne, the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley and Jaime.

At that time, Austin had strained every single one of his nerves to escape from Abbott's, Dwayne's, and Jaime's persecutions.

Today though, he wasn't a warrior at the Earth Realm anymore. Instead, he was a master at the Sky Realm. To be honest, at that time, even he hadn't dared to imagine that he would reach the Sky Realm.

After a few more minutes of flying, Austin landed on the periphery of the Sun Mountains, where the grunt disciples lived.

Austin had stayed here for three years, so this place was quite familiar t

en can I satiate my thirst for revenge."

A burly elder with a reddish face remarked, gnashing his teeth.

There were several scars on his body. Some of them had become scabs, while the others were new and were all bandaged up.

Apparently, he had participated in several vicious battles.

"Well, I have long thought that Jaime was the sort of person who harbored evil intentions. But since we are in the same sect, I have never spoken ill of him. I never thought he would be so cruel that he would even hurt our leader and help the Ghost Sect."

Another elder remarked, who was a bit short, but whose voice was like a great bell.

"He is as cruel as a wolf beyond all doubt. If I meet him some day, I promise I will kill him even if it costs me my life. Only then will I be able to face our Sun Sect's ancestors with a clear conscience."

A third elder who looked like a Taoist nun said with hatred.

This was Murray, the steward. She was standing beside the elders.

She detested Jaime as much as the other elders did.

"Your grace, you may not know that Jaime already did something terrible several years ago.

I kept it a secret because of his high status."

Murray told the Sect Leader, Theon.


What did he do?"

Theon asked, surprised.

Then Murray told him that it was Jaime who had knocked Austin on his head and turned him into an idiot.

"That explains the matter. At that time, I was also puzzled.

Austin was the most promising outer disciple, I was wondering why he suddenly became an idiot.

But now I know Jaime is the one to blame.

No wonder Austin refused me without hesitation every time I invited him to come back to our Sun Sect in the imperial city. It is all thanks to Jaime that we have lost such an amazing disciple."

Theon said. It all dawned on him now.

"Your grace, Austin has entered the Sky Realm, hasn't he?"

One of the elders suddenly asked.

The other elders also turned to stare at Theon, waiting for his answer.

In the Violet Orchid Empire, a warrior at the Sky Realm was almost the most powerful person. Besides, Austin had once been a member of the Sun Sect, so they were eager to know the answer.

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