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   Chapter 568 Killing All The Members Of The Ghost Sect (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6720

Updated: 2019-07-31 13:27

Austin first put away his twenty corpse generals.

Then he took out the small black cloth bag and the space ring which he had taken from the middle-aged man.

The small black cloth bag was a corpse nourishing bag. One corpse nourishing bag could hold about twenty corpse generals. That was why Austin had taken the dead man's corpse nourishing bag. With it, Austin could claim more corpse generals in the future.

Opening the corpse nourishing bag, Austin put away the two corpse generals.

Then he took out a few small black flags from the space ring he had also taken. The flags were corpse flags and were used to control the corpse soldiers.

Austin had also obtained the method of controlling the corpse soldiers from the Altar Owner of the Ghost Sect in the Ghost Valley. Now he confidently took one of the small flags and waved it slightly. The over fifty corpse soldiers followed his order quickly, lining up in front of him in neat rows.

"Austin, do you know how to control these dead soldiers?" Mindy asked hesitantly.

She was so surprised by his behavior and had just recovered from her initial shock.

Mindy realized then that Austin's cultivation base had reached a height that she could almost not comprehend and she could not compare with him at all.

In the recent days, all the members of the Zhang Clan had been greatly disturbed and frightened by the members of the Ghost Sect. Now they found that Austin had killed all the Ghost Sect members in a blink of an eye, as if stepping on an ant.

"Ha-ha, yes. I know some of it," Austin replied to Mindy.

He did not want to talk much about it, so he briefly answered her question.

Then he turned around and stared at the only remaining member of the Ghost Sect whom he had not killed.

The sole survivor of the Ghost Sect was frightened, and looked at Austin in trepidation. In his eyes, Austin was as terrifying as a devil.

"Now, you can keep on living only if you answer all of my questions honestly.

Am I understo

s Exchange Games. So he believed that Jaime nursed a profound hatred of him as well.

In other words, Austin had a score to settle with Jaime.

Austin felt that Jaime, enjoying such a high position in the Sun Sect, while he was actually betraying the Sun Sect, was really shameful and a disgrace.

Later, Austin asked all the possible remaining questions one by one of the Ghost Sect member. He left no stone unturned in finding out their plans and strategies for attacking the Sun Sect.

Being the sole survivor, the man was really honest and told Austin everything he knew in great detail.

"Okay, I will spare your life,"

Austin said with a calm look on his face at the end.

"Thank you, kind young man!"

Hearing Austin's words, the man was overjoyed.

"I can spare your life, but you have to be punished for the evil things you have done for the Ghost Sect!"

Austin added.


The man from the Ghost Sect was now confused.

Before he grasped Austin's meaning, he felt a sharp pain in his head as if his brain was being torn into halves.

Finally he passed out from the agony.

Austin had actually used his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle to break the man's spiritual souls. In this way, the man would be an idiot without any memories once he woke up. Austin's justice was swift and without mercy.

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