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   Chapter 567 Killing All The Members Of The Ghost Sect (Part One)

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The middle-aged man in a black gown, who had led the Ghost Sect members here, was stunned when he saw that Austin also deployed twenty corpse generals. He stared at Austin with an astonished expression.

The number of the corpse soldiers and corpse generals owned by a member of the Ghost Sect had relation to the position of that member in the Sect. The more corpse generals he possessed, the higher the position he held in the Sect. While being the head of these group members, this man owned a mere two corpse generals. 'But this young man owns twenty corpse generals. Is he also a member of our Ghost Sect and in a higher position than me?' the man puzzled.

The middle-aged leader in the black gown did not know what do to at that moment.

As a result the over fifty corpse soldiers also stopped all their moves and did not attack Austin.

"Are you... Are you from our Ghost Sect?

How can you then stand together with the Zhang Clan?

The thirtieth Altar Owner, Altar Owner Lu, is my leader. He has sent me here to take control of the Valley Town and obtain as many resources here as possible and to make ready for the expansion of our Ghost Sect.


The black garbed Ghost Sect leader demanded of Austin with a confused expression.

The Ghost Sect was a hierarchical organization, and they had strict rules about how their members treated each other among members of different positions. All the members at lower positions had to be careful not to annoy the higher ranking members. Once members of a higher rank felt unsatisfied with a member of a lower order, they could punish or even kill that offending member.

So the middle-aged leader in black had to address Austin carefully, and he cautiously showed his respect to Austin when he saw Austin had deployed twenty corpse generals.

Seeing his behavior, Austin smiled coldly and of course, he knew why the man acted so cautiously.

"You don't have to know who I am. Now I've found that the two corpse generals of yours are good enough and they qualify to

still left alive.

All the bodies of the other cultivators, who had been killed by Austin's vital energy sword, were greedily devoured by the fierce fire. They had all been reduced to ash, with not even a bone left in sight.

Such was the power of the Scorching Evil Fire!

There were also the over fifty corpse soldiers and two corpse generals remaining, still standing at attention.

The two corpse generals could not attack others without the command of their controller.

When Austin had so swiftly killed the controller, the man had not had time to give orders to his two corpse generals. And now they stood in limbo, still and unmoving.

The corpse soldiers could however be directly controlled by the corpse flags.

Austin had previously obtained detailed instructions on how to control corpse soldiers and corpse generals from the Altar Owner of the Ghost Sect in the Ghost Valley.

After Austin had killed most members of the Ghost Sect, he used his spiritual sense to check the heads of the two corpse generals. He found the previous spirit sense signs of the man in black there and simply attached his own spirit sense signs.

Austin used his mind control skill, and the two corpse generals both came under his control. The two corpse generals came over to Austin and stood beside him with their hands hanging down at their sides.

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