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   Chapter 566 Disciples From The Ghost Sect Are On The Way

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7895

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"Oh really?

They want to unify the Violet Orchid Empire?

Such arrogance!

If that is true, then why did the five major sects and the royal court keep themselves in the background?"

Austin asked, confused about the whole situation. In the Violet Orchid Empire, the royal court and the five major sects were the most powerful entities and by rights, they would never sit back and watch the arrogant Ghost Sect try to do anything with the Empire, even if it was, in their words, unifying it. The Ghost Sect would have faced quite a lot of resistance, especially from the five major sects, who would never let their enemy become the tyrant.

About a hundred years ago, an epic war had broken out between the Ghost Sect and all the other sects inside the Violet Orchid Empire. Led by these five major sects, the warriors of the latter team firmly believed that the Ghost Sect had been completely eliminated.

However, the truth was that some disciples of the Ghost Sect had survived the war and had been lurking in the dark since then, hoping to one day regain their power.

Austin had long known about this, but he had never thought that these disciples hiding in the darkness would be so ambitious.

The war they had faced a century ago had wreaked havoc on the Ghost Sect. How could they be so confident and ambitious to claim that they were trying to unify the Violet Orchid Empire today? They were just a group of careerists busy trying to stir up unrest.

"Austin, where have you been all these days?

You sound like you know nothing about the situation here.

The imperial capital city and the mountain gates of the five major sects have been besieged by disciples from the Ghost Sect. No one in or out!

How can the imperial royal court and the sects offer any assistance? They can't help each other because they are unable to fend even for themselves."

Mindy sighed, shaking her head.

"What? The disciples from the Ghost Sect have besieged the imperial capital city and the mountain gates of five major sects?

How is that even possible?

How can the Ghost Sect be powerful enough to do that?"

Austin was greatly surprised.

This meant that the Ghost Sect disciples lurking in the shadows had built up enough forces to besiege the entire empire at once and had unprecedented strength now.

"Yes. Actually, the Ghost Sect


"You are going too far!

Your ignorance of my counsel will be paid by annihilation of your family. Today is your doomsday."

Seeing Austin continue whispering with Mindy and Zachary and ignoring his words, the leader of the troop was furious.

His anger blazed forth as he felt his majesty was being provoked.

He had decided that the Zhang family was as vulnerable as a rabbit in Valley Town, and now, his wrath was making up his mind to exterminate this entire family from existence, making an example out of them for their discourtesy.

Without even a word, more than fifty corpse soldiers dashed towards the gate as he waved his hand.

"Everyone! Pull back and keep away from them. Don't engage. Let me deal with them."

Austin knew that these corpse soldiers were not strong, but the warriors at the Earth Realm might be no match for them.

Moreover, these corpse soldiers were quite poisonous, and the consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate if they infected the family.

"Austin, let me help you!

All the others retreat back to the courtyard."

Mindy was never going to let Austin fight alone, so she shouted.

"Ha ha, just stand there and watch me."

Austin knew what she was thinking and gave her the hint of a smile.

Then he took out a small pouch and shook it slightly.

Twenty figures flew out from the pouch.

"Corpse generals!

Who the hell are you?

How can you command so many corpse generals!"

These corpse generals immediately sent the middle-aged man in black from the Ghost Sect in deep shock.

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