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   Chapter 565 Ghost Sect Returned

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With his spiritual sense, Austin saw the situation inside the Zhang Clan's house. 'The Zhang Clan must have met strong enemies. When I knocked on the door, they must have thought that their enemies had returned, ' he wondered.

Instead of knocking again, he jumped up, and like a giant bird flew over the high wall. He landed elegantly in the Zhang Clan's front yard.

"Who are you? How dare you break in!"

"Call the clan head and Mindy. He must be an invader! Perhaps a member of the Ghost Sect?"

"Guys, let's fight him together!" As soon as Austin appeared in the front yard of the Zhang Clan, a group of guards rushed at him.

One of them ran towards the main hall to inform the head of the Zhang Clan and Mindy of the intruder.

'The house is quite heavily guarded!' Austin thought in surprise.

Armed with weapons, more than ten guards surrounded Austin with great speed. They attacked him without any hesitation, not waiting for him to identify himself.

These cultivators were all only at level 5 or 6 of the Energy Gathering Realm. None of them was able to hurt Austin. Mildly amused, he decided to toy with them while the guard fetched the head of the clan.

Resting his hands behind his back, Austin sometimes stepped to the left and sometimes stepped to the right. He looked so casual as if he were taking a walk or even dancing. None of the guards was able to land his weapon on Austin. He moved in a blur between them and they ended up falling over each other.

After a while, Austin got tired of the game and said with a friendly smile, "Guys, Mindy and I are friends. I bear you no ill will. Please tell Mindy that Austin is here to visit her."

The guards had done their best, yet they were unable to even cut Austin's clothes. They realized then that they couldn't hold a candle to this young man.

Upon hearing Austin's words, they looked at each other with some hesitation.

Mindy already enjoyed a large influence over the Zhang Clan. The clan members respected her even more than Zachary, the clan head. If this man was indeed her friend, then she would not take kindly to them harassing him.

"You are Mindy's friend?"

one of the guards asked curiously.

Before Austin could answer, he saw someone ap

when he had heard the news of his arrival.

"Hi Zachary. Don't be so formal with me. After all, Mindy and I are friends. I happened to be passing by Valley Town. So I came here to visit her,"

said Austin bashful at the warm welcome.

Zachary was still very respectful towards Austin. He led him to the living room and asked the housemaids to serve him a cup of tea and bring delicious snacks.

After spending some time catching up on each other's lives, Austin asked curiously, "Mindy, when I entered the front yard, I heard the guards talking about enemies and the Ghost Sect. What has happened?"

"Really? You don't know?

The Ghost Sect have suddenly returned to the Violet Orchid Empire. They are very arrogant, and have even threatened to take over ruling the Violet Orchid Empire. No one is safe. Didn't you hear about it?

The members of the Ghost Sect can be seen everywhere inside the Violet Orchid Empire. They have given all of the sects and cultivators two options. One is to surrender and join the Ghost Sect. The other is to be killed.

Although we are not strong cultivators, the Zhang Clan is the biggest clan of Valley Town. In order to control Valley Town, the Ghost Sect must control the Zhang Clan first.

Yesterday, the Ghost Sect sent an envoy to our clan. He said that we must surrender to the Ghost Sect and join them. Otherwise, they will kill us all,"

Mindy said calmly, though Austin could see the gravity of the situation in her tense body language.

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