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   Chapter 564 Revisit Valley Town

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6792

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Blazing thunder radiance exploded on the mountaintop. Austin's body quivered when the lightning struck him as he stood there. The pain was unbearable! His whole body, even his bones clattered like they were smashed by an enormous hammer.

"Puff! Puff!"

The thunder radiance split to thousands of small lightning and wrapped Austin immediately as soon as it touched him. It melted the golden vital energy force protecting Austin and then seeped into his body through his pores.

Caught off guard, Austin felt excruciating pain spread through his body when the thunder and lightning got into him. The pain reached his veins which stimulated the cells to abruptly shrink.

"Arrrrgh!" groaned Austin as he tried to get a hold of himself through the blinding pain.

He could feel every fiber in his body aching and it was intolerable!

Thousands of lightning arcs and radiance were blasting crazily on his skin, making him look like a glowing hedgehog.

Nonetheless, it was still fortunate for Austin that this thunder radiance counteracted against the Thunder Unicorn's beast soul that was covering his skin. Thus, it decreased the damage by almost half.

Moreover, the way the lightning and thunder entered his body stimulated the Thunder Elixir inside him. It burst into a silver light and at the same time produced a strong suction. It acted like a sponge and soon, it absorbed ridiculous lightning that was burning him.

The torment only lasted for a quarter of an hour before the Thunder Elixir entirely absorbed all its energy.

It was raining heavily but Austin remained dry. It turned out that the light golden vital energy surrounding him was so strong that it could evaporate any liquid before it even touched him.

This ability was all because of the Scorching Evil Fire. He had gained the original power of it after cultivating it. Now there was nothing in this world he couldn't burn, let alone just raindrops.

Austin could still feel how numb and shock his body was due to the thunder and ligh

ushing for anything anyway, so a little time to check on everyone wouldn't hurt.

He immediately headed to the northern part of the town where Mindy's house was located.

Soon enough he arrived at a broad alley.

A grand building stood at one side of the alley. It was vast and magnificent. In front of the entrance of the building lay two giant stone lions.

A strange feeling flooded Austin's mind at that very second. However, he still walked towards the gate, which was embedded with beautiful bronze dots.

'Why is the Zhang family closing all their doors when it is daytime?'

he asked himself before knocking at the door heavily.

Soon enough he heard noisy and rattled footsteps from inside.

"The enemies are coming! Prepare yourselves! We'll never yield to the evil sect!" someone commanded in the building.

Austin was rendered speechless. What the hell was going on now?

Why was he their enemy all of a sudden?

Totally confused, Austin decided to use his spiritual sense to explore in the building and find out what was happening.

He found that the entire building was haunted by terror and panic.

Soon he felt the existence of Mindy and Zachary, who was the family leader of Zhang Clan.

It seemed that Mindy and Zachary were organizing their family members to prepare for the upcoming battle against enemies.

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