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   Chapter 563 Cultivating In Lightning

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Austin, Violet and the gnome walked for days in the direction of the Violet Orchid Empire from the outskirts of the Grand Desolation Mountain. During these days, the gnome disappeared from time to time. Austin knew that it was lively by nature, and couldn't stay quiet for a long time.

However he wasn't overly concerned, as the gnome had a unique skill which he and Violet greatly admired. Wherever Austin and Violet went, the gnome was able to easily find them. So after entering the foothills of the Grand Desolation Mountain, Austin allowed the gnome to roam about. But he reminded it to come back to them immediately in case of any danger.

Now once they encountered any level five or six diabolic beasts with a high level of competence, Austin would yield them with the Beast-subduing Skill.

The competence of a level five diabolic beast was equal to that of a cultivator at the medium or premium stage of Earth Realm; while a level six diabolic beast's competence was equal to that of a cultivator of the primary stage of the Mysterious Realm.

Earth Realm and Mysterious Realm cultivators formed the backbone of any powerful sect in the Violet Orchid Empire. Although there were also some Sky Realm cultivators in the dominant power, like the imperial family, the Earth and the Mysterious Realm cultivators were very important.

Austin knew if he could subdue a group of diabolic beasts of level five or six and use them to guard the Austin Palace, he would have a team of his very own. They would make formidable guards and take a burden from his shoulders regarding the safety of his compound.

Although the youngest prince had promised to use all of his efforts to protect the Austin Palace in Austin's absence, building up a team of his own would certainly ensure the safety of the palace.

Therefore, in the last two days, Austin had subdued five level six and twenty level five diabolic beasts in total.

He stored all of them in the beast-subduing bag which the Flame Emperor had given to him.

He estimated that this bag could contain about fifty diabolic beasts. Now since there

is legs crossed and clasped his hands together according to the method which the thunder unicorn had taught him. Immediately, a strange palm print materialized in the air before him.

Then he summoned the Thunder Elixir which located in his belly. Soon, it emerged from his body and transferred to the palm print.

At this crucial moment, accompanied by a barrage of violent thunder and lightning, the clouds opened and heavy rain poured down drenching everything.

Austin focused on the lightning which ruled the sky and suddenly activated the Thunder Elixir. As if on cue, a lightning bolt the thickness of an arm shot out from the mystic elixir and rushed towards the sky. Finally, it hit several beams of lightning in the sky.


The lightning streaks in the sky quickly rushed towards Austin, like serpents baring their fangs after being awakened from sleep.

Seeing several beams of extremely thick lightning rushing at him, Austin immediately took a deep breath and released his golden vital energy force to cover and shield him.

Meanwhile, he mentally summoned the beast soul of the thunder unicorn. Its huge shadow appeared overhead as it covered him beneath the magical body.

Traveling at an extremely high speed, the lightning bolts reached the peak and rushed toward Austin with an unstoppable momentum. All of nature seemed to hold its breath at the moment of impact!

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