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   Chapter 562 Refinement

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Now that Austin had agreed to avenge it, the thunder unicorn felt greatly relieved and was very pleased with him.

It opened its giant mouth, revealing a Thunder Elixir, which was the size of a human head. On its surface, hundreds of thousands of lightning bolts were dancing, crackling, and spluttering.

The thunder unicorn spat out the Thunder Elixir, and it flew as fast as lightning towards Austin.

Before Austin could respond, the Thunder Elixir had entered his elixir field.

Instantly, Austin's elixir field was filled with flashes of lightning. They crackled and spluttered incessantly. His elixir field looked like a sea of storms, filled with blinding bolts of lightning and the roaring of thunder.

Austin's face changed dramatically as he felt his elixir field was about to explode at any time.

"Kid, don't be afraid," the thunder unicorn said.

A silver lightning bolt emerged from its head. Austin took a closer look at the lightning bolt and saw a miniature and translucent thunder unicorn in it.

As soon as the miniature thunder unicorn appeared, it flew towards Austin at an incredible speed.

Swoosh! Like the Thunder Elixir, the miniature thunder unicorn also entered Austin's elixir field. It lay peacefully on its stomach on top of the Thunder Elixir. The rumbling of thunder instantly stopped and flashes of lightning disappeared. Austin's elixir field became quiet and peaceful again.

At this moment, Austin saw information flow into his Soul Sea. It was about how to refine beast souls and how to absorb thunder to enhance the Thunder Elixir.

Austin couldn't help but think, 'The thunder unicorn did me a great favor!'

He turned to look at the thunder unicorn in the mud pit. Its eyes were shut and it had stopped breathing. Clearly, it was dead.

Austin took a deep bow to honor the thunder unicorn and its generous offer. Suddenly, he spotted something. The silver horn in the middle of its head caught his attention.

Although the thunder unicorn had just died, the silver horn was still covered with flashes of lightning. This was really strange.

Austin guessed that the horn was some precious treasure. He waved his hand and cut the horn with his vital energy force. Then, he put it in his Space Ring.

Using more of his vital energy force, he put the thunder unicorn's giant body in his Space Ring as well. He couldn't leave it here. T

or Austin to have acquired the beast soul and the thunder unicorn's Thunder Elixir in the outer mountains of the Grand Desolation Mountain range.

He was very satisfied with this trip. He stood up from being seated on the ground and placed the eleven level 6 demonic and diabolic beasts back in his beast-subduing bag.

It was time to leave the cave with Violet.

Outside the cave, Violet turned herself into a pretty woman.

Austin knew this was only an illusion. Demonic and diabolic beasts could only turn themselves human upon reaching the Transformation Realm. Violet hadn't reached the Transformation Realm yet.

Austin and Violet returned to the place where the thunder unicorn and the people from the Thunder Sect had fought against each other. But no one was there.

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense to try and find them, but he failed. He guessed these people had already left the outer mountains of the Grand Desolation Mountain range.

The Thunder Sect had suffered tremendous losses this time.

Four cultivators at the Imperial Realm had been killed. Adrian, the strongest among them, had been badly injured.

The rest of them were at the preliminary stage of the Sky Realm.

Thus, these people didn't dare chase after the thunder unicorn any longer. They chose to leave this place for now. They didn't know that the thunder unicorn was dead and that its beast soul and Thunder Elixir now belonged to Austin.

"All right, Violet. It's time for us to leave," said Austin.

He and Violet left the outer mountains of the Grand Desolation Mountain range as well.

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