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   Chapter 561 Give You The Thunder Elixir

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Austin and the thunder unicorn, who had fallen into the hole, looked at each other for a moment.


The thunder unicorn let out a deep growl. It sounded very weak, but there was still a certain dignity in his voice.

Then a bolt of lightning slowly gathered in his mouth again. Through his spiritual sense, Austin was aware that a ray of thunder radiance was slowly brewing.

Obviously, the thunder unicorn was too weak to launch any more of the thunder radiance, but he still wanted to attack Austin, so he vainly planned a final strike.

Austin suddenly developed a measure of admiration for the thunder unicorn's stubborn fighting spirit, and he was struck by the beast's indomitable, unyielding will.

Then, with a wave of Austin's right hand, dozens of elixirs of the seventh and eighth grade, and a dozen Green Spirit Elixirs suddenly materialized in front of the thunder unicorn.

"Here, maybe these elixirs and pills will help with your injury.

Rest assured, I am not from the Thunder Sect. And I won't take advantage of your injuries to attack you,"

Austin said airily.

Actually, it would be easy for Austin to kill the thunder unicorn who was in such a weak state; but his stubborn fighting spirit, despite being in such a miserable condition, aroused Austin's compassion. Austin had no intention of killing him now.

The thunder unicorn was stunned by Austin's compassionate actions. He had thought that this human teenager, who had suddenly appeared before him, was an accomplice of the others, and also wanted to rob him of his Thunder Elixir. He had prepared to fight his last battle, and even planned to explode the Thunder Elixir on his deathbed. The Thunder Elixir was created through swallowing the essence between heaven and earth for hundreds of years. It was, so to speak, a culmination of his hard work and ceaseless cultivation, and he certainly did not want it to fall into the hands of the humans who had tried to kill him.

The thunder unicorn stared at Austin with

venge me once you're strong enough.

I will give you my beast soul. When you have refined my beast soul and my Thunder Elixir in turn, you'll acquire my talent of thunder.

As long as you often absorb thunder in the future, you will become stronger and stronger. It will not be difficult for you to become as powerful as I am, and perhaps even surpass me."

The thunder unicorn's voice grew weaker and weaker. Clearly, he was near the end of his life.

"It took me hundreds of years of taking in natural essence and spiritual energy to make the Thunder Elixir. I don't want to destroy it.

Besides, after you refine my beast soul I can continue to exist in another form. As for avenging me, it is enough for you to do your best afterwards. If you don't develop the ability to do that, I don't blame you," the thunder unicorn said in a thready voice.

He was at the brink of death.

"I promise you, when I am strong enough, I will avenge you!"

Austin promised without hesitation.

If the beast soul and the Thunder Elixir would really work as well for him as the thunder unicorn said, Austin's strength would be greatly improved.

He had seen the way that the thunder unicorn fought, and had been fascinated by his talent of thunder. Austin had then thought that it would be cool if he could own this kind of fighting skill.

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