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   Chapter 560 Perish Together

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The huge beast was strong and fierce, yet the Third Elder's attack had left many wounds and scars on its skin.

"The beast is going to risk its life. We must make the Sanguinary Thunder-devouring Array more powerful!"

Knowing that once the main body of the thunder unicorn was revealed, it would be followed by a desperate counterattack, the Third Elder yelled out to remind his companions.

A startled look flashed on the faces of the other four cultivators from the Thunder Sect when they heard the words of Adrian. The next moment, they plucked several elixirs from their pockets and thrust them into their mouths to replenish their vital energy.

With the help of the elixirs that they swallowed, more powerful vital energy was released and it got added into the four huge bloody webs.

With huge amount of energy surging through them, the four huge bloody webs rolled and flew over to the thunder unicorn, aiming to envelope it entirely. The air around the webs was stirring and permeating with the thick smell of blood.

"Oh beast, you are dead today! This is the consequence of your refusal to hand over the Thunder Elixir!"

A huge bow was formed between his hands as Adrian snapped. Urged by his vital energy force, a gigantic arrow made of pure vital energy force took shape and stretched itself across the bow. He drew the arrow to its full range and let it go.

With a hissing sound the arrow pierced the vault of heaven and darted towards the huge thunder unicorn. It was glistening like a flying grey torch. The colorful fletching attached to the end of the large arrow looked like a rainbow in the sky.

The huge arrow sent cold shivers down the beast's spine. Stamping its four stump-like hooves against the void beneath, its massive body moved one meter sideways in an instant.

But the situation was beyond the unicorn's expectation. The huge arrow made of vital energy force made a shift in the direction of its flight and zeroed in on the unicorn. Upon that, its movement had been restricted by the overwhelming power of the Sanguinary Thunder-devouring Array. Dodging or changing position to escape was almost impossible.

The grey lights and bright fletching glittered as the large arrow kept approaching the thunder unicorn. It was accompanied with an overwhelming power that could destroy anything in its way like splitting bamboo. With a soft sound of the arrowhead piercing flesh, the huge arrow made of vital energy force struck the thunder unicorn's back, breaking its shell up. Tiny streams of silver blood seeped out from the wound on the back, as one of its muscles exploded, accompanied by a rain of blood.


The heavy blow made its eyes go crimson. Accompanied by a wild roar, the dazzling Thunder Elixir approximately the size of a human head flew out when it opened its large mouth.

Suddenly, the Thunder Elixir soared up into the sky and made its way to the black clouds that had been formed some time ago. It left all the men present there confused.


With the rise of the Thunder Elixir, a hundred flashes of lightning, as thick as barrel, burst out from multiple layers of thick clouds.

It filled the entire canopy of the sky with the sound of thundering that echoed for a long time.

All of a sudden, those barrel-shaped lightning poured down from the sky and enveloped the area where the thunder unicorn and the five men from the Thunder Sect stood. The lightnin

ite weak.

Without any hesitation, it opened its huge mouth and jetted a bolt of lightning. It was willing to perish with these low-rank cultivators rather than fall into their hands.

The bolt of lightning released by it was thinner than an arm. The force and momentum it possessed was no more than one-tenth of the same lightning in its prime.

Despite it, the lightning still pierced through the chests of the three superior cultivators at the premium stage of Mysterious Realm and left them dead.

"Watch out!"

The impact of the attack on the three superior cultivators left the leader of the party in a state of fright. He hadn't expected that the beast would still have so much strength after its serious injuries.

Another batch of lightning jetted from the thunder unicorn's mouth and instantly the leader's voice vanished.

The remaining five to six men got struck by the extremely swift lightning. Some didn't get time to shriek or cry before falling to the ground.

More lightning spurted from the beast's mouth, slaughtering all those cultivators from the Thunder Sect, including one who was at the preliminary stage of the Sky Realm!

While it was havoc all around by the attack of the thunder unicorn, Austin sensed that the Thunder Unicorn was becoming weaker and weaker with each lightning it released.

Finally, out of its strength, the beast also fell to the ground after it had killed all those Thunder Sect members.


Like a meteorite, the huge trunk fell to the ground heavily and made a hole which was six to seven meters deep in the earth.

Austin knew the beast had run out of its strength. It was not able to keep itself balanced in the air.

Bouncing and leaping swiftly through the dense forest, Austin came up to the thunder unicorn and stared at it. It was stuck in the mud pit.

Extreme exhaustion and injuries made the thunder unicorn close its eyelids. One or two flashes of lightning that were thinner than a finger blinked faintly across its huge body. It was accompanied by one or two faint cracks.

On Austin's arrival, the heavy eyes opened slowly again. The two large eyes like bells stared at Austin firmly.

Austin looked back in those eyes fearlessly.

The man and the beast looked at each other without blinking.

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