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   Chapter 559 Sanguinary Thunder-devouring Array

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7167

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When the intense battle between the thunder unicorn and the group of people from the Thunder Sect led by Adrian began, roaring sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning lit up the whole sky. The dreadful sounds of fighting attracted Austin's attention. He immediately activated his spiritual sense power to figure out what was going on. A moment later, he was able to get a clear view of the entire situation.


In the middle of the fierce battle, the thunder unicorn suddenly transformed from its animal form to human form. He was now a young man. Releasing a ray of light as thick as a human's arm, he tried to defend himself from the offensive attacks of the Thunder Sect cultivators.

As the strongest one in the group of Thunder Sect cultivators, Adrian took the role of attacking the thunder unicorn from the front. He gathered his vital energy at the center of his right palm, and transformed it into huge grey air blades. These air blades tore the sky, and continued to rush towards the thunder unicorn as fast as lightning.

The other members of the Thunder Sect seized the opportunity. They skipped quietly to the back of the thunder unicorn and made brutal sneaking attacks. The Elder Zhou displayed the Lightning Blood Demon. Numerous powerful blood punches were formed which hurried towards the thunder unicorn, giving the sky a red hue.

Surrounded by rays of dazzling light, the human-form thunder unicorn looked like a hedgehog. As it pointed its arm at a certain direction, violent rays of light would rapidly burst out. And deafening thunderclaps would be heard uninterruptedly.

The two sides were well-matched in strength!

Austin was startled by the strength of the thunder unicorn.

He never thought it would be able to defend the siege of five cultivators of the Thunder Sect alone, especially after he had learned Adrian's strength. The vital energy force of Adrian was endless and billowy like big rivers, filling up the entire space. Possessing such strong vital energy force, he could be considered the most terrifying master whom Austin had even met.

Austin thought he would be killed w

to emerge on the body of the thunder unicorn. They were caused by the sharp air blades. The thunder unicorn started to bleed. Surprisingly, its blood was not red, but silver colored.


Completely overtaken by such heavy blows, the thunder unicorn made a bellowing sound as if sharing its pain with the sky.

The next moment something strange happened. The dim light around it, once again, became bright.

After a sudden flip, the humanoid thunder unicorn disappeared in the brilliant silvery light that radiated from it.

To everyone's surprise, a weird behemoth appeared.

It was silvery and dazzling. Light was illuminating it, like water flowing on its surface. Every now and then, flames would be formed out of friction of current, causing strong energy fluctuations. Instead of normal animal skin, it was covered with a kind of crystal armor. All this made it look very strange.

In the center of its head there was a silvery horn, which was the size of an adult's leg. The horn was surrounded by bright light.

Its four limbs seemed to be made of light, and were releasing a steady and heavy power. It even possessed a pair of lightning wings. There were thunder lights in its big mouth, which was able to spit out in the form of extremely powerful rays.

Austin had never seen such a mighty and bizarre monster. People had already perceived its strength, before it began its offensive attack.

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