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   Chapter 558 A Fierce Battle

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The cultivators from the Thunder Sect immediately looked at each other in surprise. Sure enough, the thunder unicorn they were trying to catch was hidden in the small cave.

"Separate and muster for a siege!" Adrian, the third elder of the Thunder Sect, ordered.

After seeing several flashes of arm-thick lightning striking from the cave, his face became grave as he realized that the thunder unicorn would be very strong.


Along with lightning, there came a deep rumble of thunder.

Dazzling bolts of snakelike lightning struck forth from the small cave. With such intense light, the whole area seemed to be lit up, and visibility reached an unprecedented clarity.

The clouds in the sky gathered together and thickened, while lightning bolts lashed forth from them in a constant bombardment.

In the presence of such awe-inspiring power, everyone from the Thunder Sect, including Adrian, was secretly worried.

"Your grace, this thunder unicorn seems to be very strong.

I think that its strength might be beyond that of a level ten demonic beast," one of them said in a doubtful voice while he swallowed heavily to hide his fear.

He had read Adrian's thoughts exactly.

"Everybody! It seems that the information which we received is wrong. This thunder unicorn is stronger than a level ten demonic beast.

Perhaps, its strength is already based on the Transformation Realm."

"What? We're going to fight a Transformation Realm demonic beast!"

Hearing Adrian's words, all of them couldn't help but exclaimed.

"Yes, a demonic beast in the Transformation Realm has the same strength as me.

Later, I will attack it from the front, while you all harry it from the sides. As long as we cooperate properly, we can deal with it."

"Moreover, the Thunder Elixir of a Transformation Realm thunder unicorn is much greater than that of a level-ten thunder unicorn. In fact, it is an unexpected reward for us to harvest a Thunder Elixir of a thunder unicorn which is in the Transformation Realm," he added.

Although Adrian was somew

energy force, blocking the lightning.


At the moment in which the lightning shaft struck the vital energy force wall, it shone with a dazzling glow, and the whole area trembled violently. Adrian's thick vital energy force wall, as if being assailed by a thousand pounds of heavy hammering, was broken down at once.

"Everybody do your best! The beast is very strong," shouted Adrian, a note of panic in his voice.

Looking at the instantly broken vital energy force wall, he was shocked. The thunder unicorn of the Transformation Realm seemed to be much stronger than he had expected it to be.

It seemed that the cultivators from the Thunder Sect were going to face a fierce battle today. If they dropped their guard for even a second, they would die on the spot.

Therefore, Adrian hurriedly shouted out, cautioning them.

The rest of the Thunder Sect, of course, had also noticed the strength of the thunder unicorn. They dared not slacken off, and all of them immediately displayed their strongest tactics.

As soon as the battle was joined, Austin was immediately attracted.

With his perceptive spiritual sense, he could read the situation of the battle clearly.

"Is that human teenager who can emit thunder and lightning a thunder unicorn?" he asked softly and in amazement.

Feeling the fierceness of the battle, Austin was really impressed.

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