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   Chapter 557 Past Memories

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Feeling a powerful spiritual sense probing in his direction, Austin immediately told Violet and prepared to leave.

"Master, place your spiritual sense into my Illusion Bead, and I'll cast an illusion spell. Let's see if we can evade the probing of this spiritual sense," Violet answered.

She was trying to find a way out.

"What? Cast an illusion spell?" Austin was dumbfounded.

All this time he had been aware of Violet's excellence in illusions. Nevertheless, he'd had no idea as to which kind of Illusory skills Violet excelled at.

A long time ago, she had taught Austin the Magical Aura-changing Skill, which the latter had learned quickly and used frequently and effectively.

Hearing Violet say this, Austin expected something to happen. He did as she instructed and transferred his spiritual sense to her Illusion Bead.

Austin's spiritual sense was capable of sensing things 46, 000 meters away, which was much more powerful than that of most cultivators of the Imperial Realm.

Therefore, with the influx of Austin's spiritual sense, the Illusion Bead began glowing with a brilliant violent color. Several dream-like halos emanated from the Illusion Bead and encompassed Austin's body within them.

When his body was completely shrouded in halos, the powerful invading spiritual sense continued to seek Austin's whereabouts was confounded.

While scanning for Austin's body, that spiritual sense seemed to become momentarily confused. It continued to scan for his body several times. Finally, it found nothing and retreated.

When Austin felt the spiritual sense withdraw, he sighed with relief.

"Violet, your illusion worked," Austin said with admiration.

She shrugged modestly and gave a half-bow in sign of respect.

"Ha-ha, master. Your spiritual sense is much more powerful than that one. With my illusion skills, it won't be hard for you to escape its detection," she said with a wry grin.

Austin looked speculatively at Violet then.

"By the way, were you born knowing how to use those illusion skills?" he asked curiously.

Although Violet had been serving Austin for a long time and he knew that she was one of the nine tail demon foxes, he still knew little about her.

Violet's accent

ating treasures or beasts with the thunder nature. Don't worry, we're doing everything in the right way.

However, perhaps the beast already knows that we are here. Gentlemen, let's focus on our task. We can't allow that beast to escape."

Adrian stared at the small cave which was shrouded in mist on the opposite side of the cliff.

Hearing Adrian's order, they simultaneously floated into the air. Beneath their feet was a bottomless pit. Milk white mist was surging beneath. On the opposite side stood a cliff with a thousand meters drop.

Only cultivators of the Imperial Realm were capable of standing or flying in the air with such ease. Therefore, all of the cultivators of the Thunder Sect had entered the Imperial Realm or above.

They were most willing to follow Adrian's order. Silently they focused their attention on the small cave sequestered in mist on the opposite side.

A moment later, Adrian sensed something and shouted, "Be careful! I heard something."

Everyone reached a state of heightened alert.

As expected, some strange energy waves emanated from inside the cave. The enveloping mist was slowly dispersed by a powerful force and the entrance to the cave was revealed.

Then, a thunderbolt of lightning of the width of an arm shot from the cave. Suddenly the air crackled and was filled with the smell of burning.

Countless lightning bolts snaked out of the cave. The sky became overcast and heavy clouds gathered over the cliff.

The Thunder Unicorn!

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