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   Chapter 556 The Thunder Unicorn

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After quickly extracting medicinal liquids from different herbs, Austin started to blend them together.

Fire flared in the herbal pot in which the liquids were mixed. Sometimes flames made a hissing sound and sputtered out from the space between the pot and its lid.

Finally, the boiling stopped. Austin waited for it to settle down a bit.

He waved his hand, and the lid opened. He saw that a green elixir had been formed in the herbal pot. The elixir popped out of the herbal pot and landed on his palm.

It gave off a strong odor like that of medicine.

A strong vitality exuded from the Green Spirit Elixir that Austin had just refined. He was sure that it was indeed an effective healing elixir.

After that, Austin spent the remaining half of the day on medicine refining and got about a dozen Green Spirit Elixirs ready.

He was able to refine so many elixirs in such a short time because he had the unique Scorching Evil Fire to assist him. Apart from that, he had Angus's book of medicine refinement to help him out at any time.

Austin picked up a Green Spirit Elixir and gulped it down his throat right away. Instantly, a strong life vitality suffused his body. Within moments, it fully healed the remaining injuries within his body.

His physical condition recovered fully. There was no trace of any injury.

The effect of grade 3 healing elixir was far superior to grade 1 and grade 2 healing elixirs.

Austin put away the remaining Green Spirit Elixirs. His thoughts now moved to the fact that he had stayed in the crack between the cliffs for almost two days.

After discussing the matter with Violet, he decided to go back to the imperial capital city.

He had subdued eleven six-level diabolic beasts and each of them was equal to a martial artist whose cultivation base was at the Mysterious Realm. Although their strength was not at the top level in Violet Orchid Empire, they were powerful enough to protect the Austin Palace.

As long as the martial artists whose cultivation base was at the Sky Realm didn't deliberately pick a fight, he believed that the diabolic beasts could keep his palace safe.

On the other hand, Violet's sisters were not willing to go to the imperial capital city with her. She strongly suggested and persuaded them to do so. Rather, they decided to move to a safer place to live.

Completely aware that they wouldn't change their mind, Violet finally quit her idea and bid them farewell.

Austin and Violet got out of t

that it must belong to an extremely powerful martial artist.

Generally, when a cultivator reached Mysterious Realm, he would develop a spiritual sense. For the cultivator who reached the premium level of the Mysterious Realm, his spiritual sense could reach a distance of about 700 to 1, 000 meters. Of course, one's spiritual sense also depended on his personal condition, as some cultivators were strong, while others were weak.

But when a cultivator reached the Sky Realm, his spiritual sense became stronger than before.

When a cultivator reached the premium stage of the Sky Realm, his spiritual sense could cover a range of 3, 000 meters. If he had an aptitude for cultivation, the range of his spiritual sense could increase to 5, 000 meters.

Compared to a master of the Sky Realm, the cultivator of Imperial Realm had more powerful spiritual sense.

Some masters of the Imperial Realm could use their spiritual sense to scan a range of 10, 000 meters.

Austin believed the spiritual sense that extended in his direction could reach almost 20, 000 meters away by the virtue of its powerful strength and far extending speed.

It implied that its owner's cultivation base was higher than that of the Imperial Realm!

Thinking of that made Austin's hair stand on end.

He knew it would be difficult to deal with a master of the Imperial Realm. Now if he encountered a master whose cultivation base was higher than the Imperial Realm, he would be killed in a second.

Austin immediately connected with Violet and asked her to prepare for entering the Illusion Bead. He thought that it would be wiser to run away from there as soon as possible.

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