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   Chapter 555 Healing Of The Wounds

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In the depths of the outer mountains of Grand Desolation Mountain range, the stars shone in the cloudless sky, and the night ascertained its dominance.

Various kinds of demonic and diabolic beasts roared in the mountains, the howls echoing through the forests.

There was a deep gully in a remote mountain. The gully was covered by a giant rock. It was about ten feet wide and could hold about ten people at a time.

Austin and Violet were hiding in the gully. Sitting cross-legged, he carefully examined his inner wounds with his spiritual sense and heaved a long sigh of relief.

"Luckily, I'm not as badly injured as I had thought," he murmured.

It was the first time Austin had used the Kirin Golden-body Scripture to fight an enemy. He hadn't expected that he, a cultivator at the medium stage of Sky Realm, could fight a cultivator at the Imperial Realm for such a long time. He was proud of his accomplishments.

It turned out that the Kirin Golden-body Scripture was indeed a powerful martial arts skill. He had just begun practicing it, and was still unable to display the full potential of power that the skill had. He believed that after he had fully grasped the skill, he would be substantially strong.

Violet stood beside Austin, and was on the lookout for danger. Although the gully was hard to find, there were countless demonic and diabolic beasts in the outer mountains of Grand Desolation Mountain range. While Austin was occupied healing his wounds, Violet knew her responsibility lay in being alert.

After carefully examining all his wounds, Austin took out some elixirs that could heal the wounds, and gulped them down in one go.

He then used the Golden Sun Scripture to improve the absorption of the elixirs.

Violet, on the other hand, unleashed her spiritual sense to guard the place.

An entire day passed by before Austin opened his eyes.

His eyes were sparkling with energy. He was vigorous again, and his vitality surged with endless hidden energy. It coursed through his body like a fluid that found its way with force and purpose.

He could tell from how he felt that his wounds were almost healed. He just needed to take some rest, and then he would be as fit as a fiddle.

He was not that badly injured from the fight with the old man from the Thunder Sect. Moreover, his body was quite strong too. As a result, he had recovered quickly after he spent a

rials at the third grade to fifth grade and had put them in her Space Ring.

Violet was a demonic fox, and her cultivation base was equivalent to a cultivator at the Mysterious Realm. Medicinal materials at the third and fourth grades would definitely help her improve her cultivation base.

Violet took out the medicinal materials required to refine the Green Spirit Elixir and put them in front of Austin.

Sitting cross-legged before the herbal pot, he began the process of refining the Green Spirit Elixir.

First, he used the Scorching Evil Fire, which was carried to the bottom of the herbal pot through the fire inlet. Then he grabbed a medicinal material and threw it into the herbal pot through the material inlet.

Then he started extracting the medicinal liquid.

With the help of the Scorching Evil Fire, Austin was able to refine elixirs at a high speed. This was because he could quickly go through the medicinal liquid extracting stage. No matter what the medicinal material was, its medicinal liquid could be extracted instantly as long as it was surrounded by the Scorching Evil Fire. This helped to reduce the time taken greatly.

Austin couldn't help but recall how hard pill refining had been for him when he didn't have the Scorching Evil Fire. Back then, he had to use the fire refined by his vital energy to extract the medicinal liquid. It was rather time and energy consuming. At that point, he had thought to himself, 'Wow, a pill refiner with a kind of Unearthly Fire would be so lucky. A lot of time and energy could be saved in the process of medicinal liquid extracting.'

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