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   Chapter 554 No One Can Stop Me

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To the onlookers' surprise, the blood-red shadow behind the old man in the blue shirt was slowly moving.

A rich scent of blood emanated from its tall, blood-red body.

"Boy, you're dead meat," the old man in the blue robes shouted ferociously at Austin.

Before his voice had died away, the tall, bloody body charged at Austin. When it attacked Austin with its millstone-sized palms, lightning and thunder wheeled like crows and then struck out at him.

Austin was ready for the battle.

He fought back against the lightning with his Brutal Blast Fist.


The earth seemed to shake slightly, and at the moment of impact time seemed to stop.

Then, like a fierce hurricane which swept everything away, the vital-energy-force blast wave spread outwards in a circle, while the air mushroomed up and exploded with a tremendous force. All of the spectators were hurled backwards.

Austin was almost thrown from his feet. His right hand, which had been used as the Brutal Blast Fist, was trembling convulsively. There was a constant burning on the skin of his right arm, making the skin numb and blood oozed out from small fissures which had formed in his flesh.

After being flung backwards more than 20 meters, Austin still stood proud, but blood spread out from the corner of his mouth.

Upon casting the Lightning Blood Demon skill, the old man's attack had increased by at least 30 to 40 percent.

When a martial arts expert of the Imperial Realm stage, with such high-ranking martial arts, produced such a powerful attack, it was really dreadful to witness.

Austin was shocked.


As Austin had retreated, a deep explosion was heard inside the tall, bloody body.

The bloody figure had responded by taking two steps back, due to the effects of Austin's eight-in-one explosive power.

"Hum!" The old man could hardly believe what he was seeing.

Noticing that Austin had suffered only superficial injuries, while the Lightning Blood Demon was beaten back, the old man in the blue shirt was enraged. With his hands clasped, a magnificent vital energy force surged out from him again and passed into the body of the Lightning Blood Demon.

The tall, bloody red body of the Lightning Blood Demon swelled up even more, muscles rippled across its flesh, and it once again rushed at Austin.


Along its metacarpus, a strong vital energy force was frantically condensing. A bloody red fist appeared enshrouded in front of Austin. Readying for a great attack.

When Austin looked at the tall, bloody body and the looming punch with its horrible fluctuations, his expression became grave. A bright golden light suddenly spread out from the pores of his skin, and flowed along his arms, as if forming a peculiar golden skin.

Then, Austin's arms, covered by the golden skin,

hirt was also a master at the Imperial Realm. Since the evil ape had appeared, the old man in the yellow shirt would certainly attack him soon. And then two masters of the Imperial Realm would fight against him together. He was not sure if the evil ape could deal with that.

Although demons and beasts could generally outperform human warriors of the same strength by virtue of their inherent physical strength, the two old men from the Thunder Sect most certainly possessed abundant practical experience. Moreover, this was a two-on-one situation, so the evil ape had little chance to win.

What's more, Austin knew that he had already been seriously injured. What he needed to do was to find a place where he could recover from his injuries first.

Sure enough, as soon as Austin left the valley, the old man in blue shouted, "Shape, let's fight together. This beast is powerful."

The old man in the yellow shirt stepped forward to attack the evil ape.

However, after the evil ape had punished the Lightning Blood Demon with a few punches, it stepped back and ran from the valley with a thunderous lope, leaving behind a trail of huge footprint shaped pits several meters deep.

The old man in the blue shirt and the old man in the yellow shirt looked at each other.

"Let it go. Even if we fight together, we may not be able to defeat it in a short time.

We still have our other business to attend to. We don't have much time to waste on that boy," the old man in the yellow shirt said.

The old man in the blue shirt thought for a moment and nodded his head gloomily, though he was unwilling to relinquish the fight.

"The nine tail demon fox was very rare, and we missed it.

But, you are right. Let's hurry up and go meet with the third elder," the young man in black said with great reluctance.

He stared in the direction Austin had vanished with cold eyes.

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