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   Chapter 553 The Lightning Blood Demon

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"Aha, you're really nimble on your feet!" the old man appeared behind the blood-red palm and snorted half-surprised and half-angry at his opponent.

He frowned and measured up the young man in front of him.

Suddenly, the palm whooshed by Austin's head with a gale of vital energy force savage in its attack.

Austin had no time to lose.

He quickly summoned the sword of vital energy and in a heartbeat, a sizzling sound buzzed.

The vital energy sword with searing flames ready to lick his opponent was in his hand. Austin charged at the blood-red palm with all his energy.


The mighty sword of the vital energy collided with the scathing blood-red palm. They wrangled with blazing energy, hungry for triumph.

'Aah!' Austin winced. He felt a sharp stabbing vital energy force striking at him and his redoubtable sword.


Before Austin could blink or realize a thing, one third of the blade of his sword was crushed, and the flames burning on the remaining blade flickered fighting the pressure for a few more seconds before dying down.

Under the impact, Austin staggered a few meters back and had no time to even pause to look at the old man. His chest burnt with the thumping blood as if it was about to explode.

But as Austin reeled from the attack, the power of the blood-red palm began to diminish. Sparkling clusters of the golden flames burst on the palm.

The old man was shocked. Still, with his presence of mind, he straight away collected his vital energy force into the palm to extinguish the flames.

Austin on the other hand, gazed at the remaining two third blade of the vital energy sword, and seriously started to consider his next move.

When the old man had attacked, Austin realized his miscalculation. No, of course, the old man's cultivation base wasn't just at Sky Realm, but a level higher. He was an Imperial Realm cultivator!

With a round of sparring between them, Austin knew in all honesty that he was no match for his opponent when it came to the strength of the vital energy force.

While Austin was recovering from the blow the old man had dealt him, the old man too was shaking his head in disbelief.

This just wasn't what he thought Austin was capable of. He had never expected the young man to be able to put up such strong a fight and escape unscathed. Rather than getting wounded in the process, all Austin did in the end, was step back by a few steps!

"Not bad at all young man! But all this is useless. You will die today!" the old man shouted in anger.

Austin didn't care to react. Quietly, he summoned his vital energy and injected it into his sword. In just a few seco

his wasn't particularly impressive, rather it was relatively low.

And yet, put him in front of the ordinary disciples of the Thunder Sect, Elder Zhou could crush them like a flimsy twig in his fist.

And anyhow, for any sect In the South Continent of the Prime Martial World, the Imperial Realm was considered an incredibly high cultivation level.

"Hehe! Young man, you are capable! I see that now though I didn't half-expect to have met such a powerful cultivator like you in the wilderness!

It seems I underestimated you.

But don't get carried away.

I told you that I would kill you today!"

Mirth danced in Elder Zhou's eyes though his staunch face stayed straight as he said this. Elder Zhou took a deep breath in and started to collect his energy and blood with a renewed aim. This time, a gigantic shadow of a hundred feet high started to cover the arena in darkness.

A short moment later, a number of lightning bolts wrapped around the blood-red shadow that came from Elder Zhou's hands. They slithered like snakes and crackled with brilliant light.

"Lightning Blood Demon!" Elder Zhou roared out the name to announce his most powerful skill.

Cries of surprise and excitement began to spread all around as a buzz of conversation rose in the crowd.

"Elder Zhou is using his best skill to fight this nondescript man!"

"Hmph! He might be a nobody but you can't deny that the young man is powerful too. But then I wonder if he'd be able to survive Elder Zhou's killing move. After all, Elder Zhou has killed many Imperial Realm cultivators with this skill..." Austin could overhear all this. Nothing was hidden from him.

Undaunted but far more shrewd, Austin glared at the huge blood-red shadow behind the old man waiting to launch his attack.

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