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   Chapter 552 Killing Steve

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Steve hadn't expected Austin to be so ferocious. Even in front of so many people, Austin showed no fear of killing him. And Austin's bodily movements were so agile that even though Steve wanted to dodge his attack, it was already too late.

"Brat! How dare you!" yelled Steve.

Being unable to dodge the attack, he could only call on all of his vital energy to form a defense.

"Bang!" The sound reverberated through space.

Austin's fist had still struck Steve's chest heavily.

Facing such a powerful punch, Steve reeled back in agonizing pain for a couple of paces.

"Boy, you're dead today," Steve growled.

That he was being defeated by Austin again and again made him mad with rage.

"You're the one who's gonna die today, not me.

Go to hell!" Austin sneered coldly.

He drew in his full force and prepared to continue the assault.


At Austin's words, a sickening thud suddenly sounded from inside of Steve.

He looked like he had been struck by lightning. He glared at Austin in disbelief, feeling a shiver run through him.

"You... You..." Steve stammered.

Then blood began to trickle out like rivulets joining a stream from his eyes, ears, mouth, nose and any other orifices. His eyes grew dim, his vigor faded, and eventually his body lost its balance and dropped to the ground, utterly defeated.

"Steve is dead!" someone exclaimed.

Chaos erupted among the spectators.

Seeing this, the young man in black pulled a long face and said, "Boy, it's beyond my imagination that you are really such a tough guy to deal with.

However, you've gotten yourself into big trouble, because you've just killed a member of the Thunder Sect."

As he spoke, other people walked towards Austin with clearly hostile looks, encompassing him on all sides.

"I don't care which sect you belong to. Once you have offended me, no matter who you are, I will make you pay!"

Though Austin spoke cockily, he could see that there were some extraordinary martial artists among the group of people. For example, the two old men standing next to the young man, might be stronger than he could oppose.

Seeing that the situation was unfavorable for him, he hurriedly order

lder who was about to launch into an earnest expostulation of the younger generation.

He continued by saying, "However, you will have no chance to comprehend it.

Since you have killed a member of the Thunder Sect, you have nowhere to go on the southern continent.

You've just entered hell."

"Stop talking nonsense. Let's see whose fist is the mightier.

Don't act like a sissy," said Austin scornfully.

The air around the elder bristled with his outrage at Austin's insults.

"You are asking for your death!" threatened the elder, with a livid face.

He took a step forward, and the next moment, he suddenly disappeared.

When the elder began moving, Austin had mentally sensed a great impending danger.

He had thought to himself, 'The elder is really powerful.'

The moment the figure of the old man in blue had disappeared, Austin's facial expression had also changed slightly. Instantly, he used his spiritual sense to scan the area around him, trying to locate the elder's position.


A scarlet palm, angled like a sharp knife, suddenly appeared at Austin's left shoulder and cut towards his neck at lightning speed.

As the knife-like palm gleamed wickedly, Austin's spiritual sense had accurately sensed it. His eyes narrowed into slits from caution, and he responded with blinding speed. The impact of the scarlet palm disturbed the very molecules of the air which rose up violently, cutting off a few strands of Austin's hair.

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