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   Chapter 550 Timely Rescue

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When the rest of them saw that Violet's forceful attack killed two unfortunate guys, they were so shocked that they unconsciously stepped back.

"Be careful! That nine tail demon fox is a six-grade demonic beast.

It's not an easy one to take down," warned the elder who was beside the young man in black. He had piercing eyes.

"Bastard! How dare you?!"

"You will regret this!"

they shouted at Violet when they came to themselves after their momentary shock.

Violet and her friends were surrounded by more than a dozen enemies. What surprised Violet was the fact that five of them were already at the Mysterious Realm while the rest were at the premium stage of Earth Realm.

A six-grade demonic beast was only as powerful as a cultivator at the primary stage of Mysterious Realm. That was why they didn't take Violet seriously at first.

Violet's surprise attack, however, killed two of them easily. It ignited the fire of anger in their chest.

"We are at the Mysterious Realm so we will deal with the nine tail demon fox.

Those who are at the Earth Realm, you deal with the three-grade demon foxes," said one of the cultivators at medium stage of Mysterious Realm.

The enemy immediately divided into two groups. The five cultivators of Mysterious Realm, while holding a scarlet net, surrounded Violet in five separate areas.

At the same time, the rest of them began preying on Violet's friends.

A three-grade demonic beast was about the same as that of a human at the level eight or nine Energy Gathering Realm. It was as easy as a blink of an eye for these cultivators at the premium stage of Earth Realm to defeat three-grade demon foxes.

Even if the demon foxes moved as quickly as lightning, their enemies would still have a big advantage over them in terms of cultivation base.

In the blink of an eye, all three-grade demon foxes had been captured.

Violet was still encircled by the five cultivators of Mysterious Realm. Things were not looking good for her at the moment.

"Now!" said one of the men who was surrounding her.

Immediately, all five men sprang into action and made a pentagram array around Violet. Their perfect coordination showed the fact that they were extremely experienced in working together in battles.

Violet knew that she was currently at a disadvantage when she saw that she was

led to get free.

She was still tied up firmly no matter how hard she yelled.

"Ha ha ha! You cannot run now, bastard!"

Steve sneered at Violet while looking at her smugly. When the young man saw that Violet was captured, a satisfied smile formed on his lips.


A faint golden sword, like a golden flame, flashed in front of them, who were holding the scarlet net that was ready for restricting Violet.


There was suddenly a light crash from somewhere.

The rope that was surrounding Violet was suddenly cut into little pieces.

Then suddenly, a young handsome man was standing beside Violet.

"Who! Who's there?"

Steve exclaimed in anger. He was irritated by the sudden appearance of the handsome young man.

The other men were awestruck as well.

"Violet, are you all right?"

Austin said to Violet while ignoring the others.

"Mr. Austin, I would have been captured by them if you were a second late.

All of my friends were already captured by them!"

"Don't worry about it! They would be fine," Austin comforted her. Then he stood up and turned to the men with a poker face.

"Who the hell are you? This is none of your fucking business! You are going to regret interrupting us!"

Steve yelled at Austin. He was still angry because his rope was cut easily by him. When he saw the face of the person who broke his rope, he was surprised to see that he was only a young man who was only under twenty.

He glared scornfully at Austin.

"How dare you! You have no idea how big of a mess you are in right now."

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