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   Chapter 549 Violet Is In Danger!

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Austin was trying to subdue those beasts. He soon found out that the effort was consuming some of his spiritual sense when he cast the Beast-subduing Skill to form the spiritual sense array.

But for Austin, the loss of the spiritual sense to form the array was nothing compared to the powerful spiritual sense pool he had within him.

In addition to that, the Soul-warming Bead embedded in his Soul Sea had been nourishing his spiritual sense and enriching it all the time. Due to this, each time there was a consumption of his spiritual sense, it would be replenished rapidly and that prepared him for the next battle.

Most important of all, there was one thing about this Beast-subduing Skill that made Austin very happy.

The reason of his joy was that after invading a beast's soul by using the spiritual sense array formed by Beast-subduing Skill and getting the beast under control, even if the very beast was hunted down or killed in a battle later, Austin's spiritual sense would hardly be affected.

The Flame Emperor once told him that, there were many controlling spiritual sense martial arts skills, such as using spiritual sense to control dummies and beasts or forming a delusional body. And they all shared one common weakness. It was that when the dummies and beasts or the delusional bodies were under attack or killed, the spiritual senses of the hosts that cast the controlling skills would be injured at the same time.

Being unlike those skills, the Beast-subduing Skill was absolutely safe for Austin if he were to cast spiritual sense control over the beasts. He would never have to worry about any latent danger if they were killed.

The Flame Emperor also told him that the Beast-subduing Skill was serendipitously discovered by him in ancient antiquity. Although it had been ages since it was first created, the power it contained was far beyond the modern controlling spiritual sense marital arts skills.

This was the actual reason why Austin dared to subdue a considerable number of beasts just by himself.

Taking ten sixth-grade diabolic beasts with him, Austin was just about to return to the valley where Violet was staying.

Suddenly, an anxious voice was transmitted to him through his mind.

Austin's face turned pale.

It was Violet calling for help. Since the distance wasn't much, they were able to maintain the ability to connect through their minds.

'Damn! Violet is in danger!'

After getting to know the whole story from Violet through their mind communication, a coldness took over Austin's face. 'These people really have no idea about what situation they are getting into and whom they are provoking. I will teach them how to spell the word DEATH!' Austin thought to himself fiercely.

Austin quickly took the beast-subduing bag off his waist and put all the ten sixth-grade diab

danger awaited them. As soon as they reached near the open field, these people jumped out and trapped them in a circle. Knowing that they were different from the ordinary demonic beasts—they were precious demonic foxes—the men became greedy and flirtatious towards them.

From the beginning, Violet always chose not to show her human form. One major reason was that during a battle she was quite stronger in her original fox form than in human form. The other reason was her prettiness in human form. She knew that it would bring her more attention from these greedy and lustful men.

Standing with the other foxes and looking around, Violet tried to have a clear view of the situation. After scanning through the crowd, she could feel that some men possessed a strong cultivation base and were rich in power, especially the two elders standing right beside the young man in black. Just looking at them sent a chill down her spine and her heartbeat raced faster than the normal pace.

Being trapped, she knew it immediately that it was impossible for her to escape the crowd unharmed and on her own. She was no match for those men. And she knew things would become worse if the two strong elders joined the men. Even if she was brave enough to pick a fight with them, she wouldn't be able to survive after the first strike.

She saw that there was no way to escape from the impending doom. Instantly, she decided to called Austin for help using their mind communication.

Seeing crowd getting restless and ready to attack, Violet raised up her fore-leg. A gigantic black fox claw was formed at the same time. It fell down from the sky so fast that human eyes could barely catch it. It moved like thunder towards the people gathered around them and struck down the men who were holding on to the thin web. Dancing in the air, the fox claw picked its targets. Two unlucky men were torn apart instantly.

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