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   Chapter 548 The Four Demonic Beasts And Six Diabolic Beasts

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Before leaving the imperial capital city, Austin had bought enough materials to make the Energy-prevailing Elixir. The shortage of elixir was the last thing on his mind.

Using the purple brown herbal pot, Austin began practicing how to make the Energy-prevailing Elixir. After he failed almost forty times, Austin was finally able to grasp the skills of making the Energy-prevailing Elixir. He could now make it successfully and easily.

The elixirs that were spent in the failed forty attempts were obviously wasted. Those elixirs were worth an estimated hundred thousand vital energy crystals. Hence, if a person wanted to be a pill refiner, he must have ample resources to practice his skills. The road of growing into a successful pill refiner was really made up with vital energy crystals.

Austin was fortunately rich enough. The spending of such an enormous amount of vital energy crystals did not ruffle him.

After Austin could successfully make the Energy-prevailing Elixirs, he made much more taking his count to over 20. He consumed all the materials that he had bought from the imperial capital city.

Austin's skill in making grade three pills had reached a sufficient mark and he was now completely qualified to be a grade three pill refiner.

A grade three pill refiner could enjoy a high position within the Violet Orchid Empire.

Grade three pills, like the Energy-prevailing Elixir, were rare even for the Sun Sect which was one of the top five sects of the Violet Orchid Empire. As a matter of fact, they were only provided in limited amounts to highly talented disciples.

In the Sun Sect, it was only the inner disciples and the principal disciples that had the chance to be offered some Energy-prevailing Elixirs.

So if there was a pill refiner who was able to make grade three elixirs, all the sects, including Sun Sect, one of the top five in the Violet Orchid Empire would try their best to keep a good faith with him and keep him happy.

After putting away all the Energy-prevailing Elixirs and the herbal pot, Austin stretched his body lazily and gave off his spiritual sense into the atmosphere.

Deep in the valley, Violet was chatting with other demonic foxes who were her best friends. The gnome however was nowhere to be found.

In the last few days whenever Austin indulged himself in alchemy, Violet would spend time with her good friends. The gnome, being exuberant in nature, found it difficul

a nearby tree again and then he continued flying forward.

Austin soon arrived at the place where his first target was. It was a sixth-level silver blood demonic wolf.

It was easy for Austin to subdue the level six demonic beast. Using the Beast-subduing Skill, Austin gave out a profound spiritual sense array. It tethered itself in the head of the level six silver blood demonic wolf. After a short while, the silver blood demonic wolf became Austin's loyal slave.

Bringing the silver blood demonic wolf, Austin flew towards his next target.

Carrying on his journey, Austin had subdued ten beasts at level six within two days.

Four demonic beasts and six diabolic beasts.

One level six silver blood demonic wolf.

Two level six violent bears.

One level six three-headed diabolic serpent.

One level six purple gold demonic tiger.

One level six metal-eating pangolin.

Two level six giant rock demonic gators.

One level six demonic cat.

One level six giant diabolic mouse.

The ten level six demonic beasts and diabolic beasts, and the rhinoceros king that Austin had subdued previously took his total of subdued beasts to eleven.

Austin actually wanted to look for a level seven demonic or diabolic beast, but after he searched the entire area around the small valley, he found that the highest level of the beasts was six.

According to Violet, level seven beasts might be hidden deep in another area. They might be within the Grand Desolation Mountain.

So Austin realized that he wouldn't be able to find beasts more powerful than level six outside the Grand Desolation Mountain.

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