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   Chapter 547 Subduing The Rhinoceros King (Part Three)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6085

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As Austin wrote, the symbols simply increased and slowly began to form a visible spiritual sense array of white mist that floated outward from the white array center, making it look as if they were inside a magical fairy world.

This was the second time Austin cast this Beast-subduing Skill and it was fortunate that he did not get dizzy, unlike his first time.

This clear, lucid feeling devoid of any kind of dizziness must mean that his spiritual sense had now improved a lot after he had taken that Soul-warming bead. Austin smiled to himself, pleased at this conclusion.

The Soul-warming Bead had been a gift from Angus of the Mysterious Nether World. It had quite a peculiar effect on the consumer's spiritual sense. Once the Soul-warming Bead was dissolved in the Soul Sea, it would act as fertilizer and nourish it. Because of this nourishment, the Soul Sea would be able to grow quickly and thrive, almost like a healthy plant. This meant that the Soul-warming Bead was extremely helpful for Austin as he could easily accumulate spiritual sense without exerting too much effort in cultivation.

Thanks to the bead, he could now demonstrate the Beast-subduing Skill without any unwanted side effects.

Though his spiritual sense wasn't growing at an alarmingly fast rate nor did he have such a significant addition to the spiritual sense in his Soul Sea, there was still enough in him to subdue the rhinoceros king. In the long run, Austin was quite certain that the volume of his spiritual sense would only increase to the point that he would be able to subdue much bigger and stronger diabolic beasts with no harm to his health.

As the spiritual sense array of the Beast-subduing Skill took shape, Austin utilized his mind control skill and ordered it to move towards the rhinoceros king. As it

riend's victory.

Due to Violet's insistent begging, Austin had agreed to stay for two days in the small valley. He used this time to cultivate while Violet caught up and spent her days with friends.

He knew that she had wanted to stay and talk with her friends after not seeing them for such a long time. Austin did not mind since he had nothing urgent to do and he figured that it might actually be beneficial to his health to stay and breathe the fresh valley air.

So it was that, though Austin and Violet had a master-servant relationship, their days together in the valley forged a close relationship between them. For Austin, Violet now felt more like a sister to him than a mere servant.

The two days spent in the valley could be considered as the happiest moments of Violet's life. Since the rhinoceros king was no longer a threat, she and her friends were now able to enjoy their days in peace and relaxation.

However, Austin felt awkward wandering around the valley due to the many foxes that abounded. Luckily, he found a rather quiet and secluded place suitable for cultivation. It was in that place that he took the opportunity to take out his herbal pot and begin his elixir refining.

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