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   Chapter 546 Subduing The Rhinoceros King (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-07-25 01:38

"That's enough, Violet. One more strike from you and he'll be dead," Austin's voice cut through the thick air, stopping Violet just in time.

Upon his order, Violet obediently dropped her claw that was just about to end the rhinoceros king's life. With a huff, she walked towards Austin's side and contented herself with staring down at the now utterly exhausted rhinoceros with disgust and pure hatred. She was heaving. Despite gaining the upper hand throughout the fight, Violet still had to exert a lot of energy in dealing with the beast. This was mostly because the rhinoceros king's hide had been extremely tough and every time she used her claws, she had to apply a lot of force to make sure he bled from her attack.

It took a lot of swift, efficient, and powerful strikes from Violet to get the rhinoceros into the state he was now.

Having observed their battle, Austin concluded that Violet's strength lied in her instantaneous bodily movement skill, her unpredictable speed, and her illusions. The rhinoceros king's strength and power were in no way inferior to Violet and had he succeeded in actually hitting her with his horns earlier, there was no way she could've survived. The only reason that she was able to overpower him was because of her lightning-fast speed that she was able to use to keep herself from harm's way.

Each strike that Violet had dealt onto the beast was loaded with power and a deep-seated grudge. During the fight earlier, her mind was heavy and only swirled with memories of her painful past as she attacked the rhinoceros king with her claws. Now, seeing him powerless and completely at her mercy, the long-accumulated hatred in her heart began to disperse, leaving only relief and a long-awaited satisfaction. The battle before was fought not just for her, but for all the foxes that had been bullied by him.

Seeing him defeated l

shed cry, Violet pounced on him and began to punch his thick, bloody hide. The anger and resentment from her past had once again bubbled to the surface of her mind.

Austin let her vent for a bit and when it seemed as if she had calmed down, he stepped forward and grabbed her by the shoulder. "That is enough, Violet," he said. "After I have subdued him, you will have all the time in the world to punch him as you like. He will be all yours. For now, leave his despicable life to him until he has amply served us."

Violet nodded, getting off the rhinoceros king and letting her master have him. With a soft smile, Austin crossed his fingers and prepared to activate his Beast-subduing Skill that would allow him to easily absorb the beast soul of any beast and develop absolute control over them. True to its name, the skill allowed him to completely subdue any beast to the point that it would lose any resistance of power in front of him.

Gathering his energy, Austin began to cast the spell. Streams of spiritual sense emerged from his Soul Sea and swirled around his fingers as he activated the skill. Then he began to draw various formulas in the air, the finger motions evolving into a variety of mysterious, magical spiritual sense symbols.

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