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   Chapter 545 Subduing The Rhinoceros King (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-07-25 01:37

As the sixth-level rhinoceros king's strength wavered, it soon became apparent that Violet was slowly getting an upper hand in the fight. Her successful barrage of attacks had managed to effectively weaken him and suppress his power.

Despite being at the same level as the rhinoceros king, Violet proved to be far more superior in strength while her unbelievably fast bodily movement skill served as a huge advantage in dealing with the huge but also clumsy beast.

Seeing that Violet could very well handle herself, Austin chose to just sit back and relax as he watched the fight with amusement.

A rather powerful strike on his back had the rhinoceros king crying out and stumbling forward in the dirt. With a loud huff, he glanced back at his attacker, the flames of fury burning in his eyes as he glared at Violet with malice.

For some special breeds of diabolic beasts, reaching the sixth-level would've already given them the ability to speak like a human. The rhinoceros king had not yet developed this skill but had nonetheless gained the ability to show his emotions on his face which was evident by his furious stare. However, no matter how hard he glared, there was just simply no way he could strike back at his attacker.

Violet effectively utilized her agility during the battle. Without giving the rhinoceros king any chance to move, she had already dealt several strikes over his body.

It was as if there were multiple copies of Violet that surrounded the rhinoceros king with how fast she moved. Her hands had only made contact upon the beast's thick hide for less than a second, but each of the strikes brought great pain and damage upon the rhinoceros king.

Done with the strikes, Violet decided to take it up a notch. Unsheathing her black claws, she raised her arms and violently raked over the rhinoceros king's back.

The beast let out an anguished moan of unbearable pain as Violet's claws left long, deep gashes upon his back, breaking through hide and revealing the bloody red flesh beneath. The wound would've sent anyone howling. However, despite the white-hot pain on his back, the rhinoceros king felt blood-red rage instead. Violet's attack had left him slumped to the ground. But he determinedly got back to his feet, not ready to giv

was a humongous and heavy beast that left behind a clear path of fallen trees and smashed rocks as he ran away for safety. Seeing this, Austin couldn't help but marvel at how astonishingly powerful the beast's horns were to pave such a clear path of destruction.

Violet, however, wasn't just going to let him off so easily. She quickly chased after him and, unsurprisingly, caught up easily with the beast by just one leap.

Her claws sank onto his back and she continued to relentlessly scratch him as he ran.

This merciless attack from Violet left a heavy blood trail in their wake.

His injuries had put the rhinoceros king in so much pain that all he could do was moan and run as if running could somehow magically make Violet stop attacking him with her claws. At this point in time, the beast could no longer think of revenge nor feel furious at his shameful defeat. The only thing that occupied his mind was his desperate wish to get out of there alive.

Inevitably, the rhinoceros king began to slow down. His injuries were far too severe and all the running around had only drained him even more of his energy.

A few moments later, the beast finally succumbed and collapsed onto the ground, his heavy body briefly shaking the earth upon contact. It was at this moment that the rhinoceros king knew that he was doomed, his life finally at Violet's disposal. Fear took hold of his heart and his body vibrated violently as he cried out for his life. Violet looked down on him and raised a bloody claw.

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