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   Chapter 544 The Sixth-grade Rhinoceros King (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6241

Updated: 2019-07-25 01:36

The childlike wonder the both exhibited amused and endeared Austin, almost making him forget about their prior objective when a sudden roar bellowed from the innermost part of the valley.

It shook the earth and agitated the leaves into falling around them, the fury derived from its echo shattering the otherwise peaceful environment.

Another wave of tremors befell on them, closely accompanied by a sonic boom as a huge shadow dashed between the thick wooden trunks of trees and overgrown shrubs. Its heavy stamps grew deafening the nearer it got to where they stood, imposing an intimidating presence as it bellowed once more.

Violet drastically changed her demeanor into one of pure wrath the moment she heard the sounds. Her lips trembled, teeth clenching in a strained effort to remain calm and collected.

The spiritual sense enabled Austin to see the rhinoceros from its current position in the middle of the forest. Despite its sturdy body being much bigger than an elephant, he sprinted wildly; smashing everything that posed as an obstacle on his way to their group with a drilling glare marring its face.

His four legs were huge, easily leaving a trail of deep gigantic pits as he advanced.

Without a doubt, this demon heading their way must be the six-grade rhinoceros king Violet had mentioned.

In a span of a few seconds, it appeared before Austin and Violet, looking terribly enraged at their unannounced visit.

He was the color of mud; dark brown with skin so thick and coarse that it already served as his armor. His gigantic form looked much bigger from up close, dwarfing and casting an imposing shadow over them with his towering height.

A sharp, massive horn protruded from the top of his muzzle, the other two snuggled on each opposite side of his head. It glinted under the unforgiving sunlight, highlighting the s

t her foe with the power of clustered demonic energies supporting the incoming strike. It flowed with the elegance of stormy sea waves, its aura seething before surging into the sky, filling the atmosphere with hostile, static energy.

Austin had seen her perform this trick many times, yet even he was blown away with the herculean pressure of her magic. What she manifested just now had been ten times more than whatever she had shown during their training.

The claws scratched its opponent's back in a flash, so fast that only a gush of air registered in the monster's mind when it passed his ears and hit its target with hefty and deadly precision.

The rhino king failed to turn around and check the injury.

He realized then, that in front of this combatant he was demoted to creature of sluggish stature.

He struggled to hold himself upright, the extreme pain from the inflicted wound darkened his vision and almost lulled him into unconsciousness.

He grunted in agony, his outrage being the only thing keeping him dignified as he weakened to devastating levels.

He ground his feet into the dirt, using the soil as support to his weight.

Heaving deep, labored breaths, the rhinoceros trod and glowered at Violet.

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