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   Chapter 543 The Sixth-grade Rhinoceros King (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6522

Updated: 2019-07-25 01:35

Disquiet blanketed the area, fingers fiddling in nervousness as eyes looked down, unsteady and unbridled with the emotion brought upon by unsolicited memories.

"That's right. Among all the demonic beasts, the foxes are the ones who're good at bewitching people. We know how to attract the opposite sex and please them in bed," Violet sighed, her eyes clouding the more she talked about her past. "Humans are not our match in this regard, especially the females.

They're too shy to seduce men and because of that, we're the best playthings in the eyes of mortals and beasts. Some even go as far as reducing us to mere sex slaves; the rhinoceros king being one of them," she trailed off, gritting her teeth in disgust.

"He thought I was beautiful and wanted me to be one of his concubines. As if, it were possible for me to marry and live with...with that wretched thing. I could've never brought myself to, so I fled the Grand Desolation Mountain.

My sisters, on the other hand..." Austin gave her an encouraging look, prompting her to continue as she sighed in sorrow. "They couldn't run from that monster and were left at his mercy up to this day.

I can't even imagine what kind of torture they're being subjected to."

Violet shuddered at the thought. The shadows of her past still haunted her; the trauma resurfacing to remind her of the misery she and her kin had religiously faced throughout the years.

Austin felt sympathy for the defenseless girl. The injustice that had befallen onto her species was caused by the immorality of vile creatures that stood at the top. With no one to challenge their wicked ways, they had only been victimizing innocents to turn them into prized possessions that only served as decoration to their own kingdom.

He felt fury at the revelation, kindling a fire full of loathing to burn in high intensity inside him in response to Violet's suffering.

"Don't worry, Violet. That demon will

tory with new, hopeful ones.

They had no qualms in trespassing the plot; a six-grade diabolic beast already labeled as his guardian in Austin's eyes posed no threat against high martial artists like Austin and Violet. In fact, not many monsters could attempt to outmatch them at all, so they did not bother obtaining permission from the owner for entry.

Violet jumped ahead, running from time to time when she could no longer behave the elation brimming from her merry heart. She was in familiar ground—one that she had grown up in and loved ever since her childhood. Here, she was no longer a lost wanderer; she was a girl returning back to her origins.

Her behavior did not go unnoticed with Austin watching her in mute observation. He empathized with her as a person of similar standing; an adrift soul longing for his own home. And so, he kept his mouth firmly shut, letting Violet do as she pleasured. He left her alone, let her hands caress objects they encountered along their way with careful touches that denoted her yearning and joy.

Their other companion closely mirrored her soaring spirits. The gnome ran everywhere, trying to engrave every characteristic of the state into its mind as it frantically poured all his senses in experiencing what the foreign terrain offered it.

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