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   Chapter 542 Violet's Past

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The outer range of the Grand Desolation Mountain stood like a great shadow. The ranges seemed to be overlapping as though receding into the distance. Austin was in no hurry to complete his journey. He kept searching for some diabolic beasts to practice his martial arts every now and then. Although he had entered the outer range of the Grand Desolation Mountain about three days ago, he hadn't reached the destination where Violet lived.

Another two days passed and Austin had traveled deeper inside the outer range of the Grand Desolation Mountain.

That was when Austin encountered a huge sixth-level demonic wolf in the woods.

It was three meters tall. Heavily muscular, with silver grey shaggy hair, it was a terrifying beast. Standing there with an imposing air, its eyes were bright with ruthlessness and fierceness.

Austin was able to recognize the demonic wolf. It was a sixth-level demonic beast called silver blood demonic wolf.

While Austin was observing the wolf and moving his eyes across its body, the beast stared back at him with its scarlet eyes.

'This delicate juvenile human should have wet his pants and fled immediately after he saw me.

Instead, he is sizing me up with great interest like a hunter tracing and watching his prey, ' the beast thought.

Austin's staring served as a blatant provocation to the demonic wolf's dignity. Instantly a blind rage filled its heart.


Accompanied by a long howl, the silver blood demonic wolf leaped to its feet and lunged at Austin fiercely at a terrifying speed. Its sharp fore-paws were gleaming coldly. There was a sizzling sound when the air was cut open by the fore-paws.

Austin touched the ground with his toes briefly before he soared up into the air. His leap was higher than that of the demonic beast.

"Eight kinds of forces integrated as one!"

With a soft shout, Austin knocked the head of the wolf with a swipe of his fist that was filled with dangerous amounts of vital energy force.

He shifted his body deftly and brushed past the beast.

Austin and the demonic wolf fell on the ground and raised themselves up quickly. Both of them turned towards each other simultaneously, sizing each other up again.


Austin howled softly.


A muffled sound boomed through the wolf's body and echoed with Austin's soft voice. Blood started to flow out from all the seven openings of its head. After a few seconds, th

the Grand Desolation Mountain.

Rather than the outer range, the territory ahead of them, belonged to the Grand Desolation Mountain.

The Grand Desolation Mountain was regarded as a forbidden area for humans in the entire Prime Martial World.

It was home to diabolic beasts above sixth-grade mostly and was located south of the Prime Martial World. It had a vast territory and was bordered with a dozen empires of the south continent.

The legend went that a lot of ninth-grade and tenth-grade diabolic beasts, even some more powerful than tenth-grade ones, lived there.

Austin was able to survive his adventure in the outer range of the Grand Desolation Mountain with his strength.

But there were more beasts which were more powerful than him. They could appear in the Grand Desolation Mountain any time.

"The place where I lived before was not far from here, my master. I assure you.

It is located in a valley, thirty miles from here, to the left side. I think you can sense it with your spiritual sense.

But it had been occupied forcibly by the rhinoceros king.

Several of my sisters fell into his hands. They unwillingly accepted to become his concubines."

Violet sighed.

"Oh! Did he capture them forcibly and keep as concubines?

Your sisters are also demonic foxes, aren't they?"

Austin was surprised.


Violet answered.

"How can a rhinoceros occupy the area and capture foxes? How can he force them to become his concubines?"

Austin couldn't help laughing. They were all beasts, but they belonged to different species. How was it possible! It made no sense to him!

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