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   Chapter 541 Cultivating In The Forest

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There was a dense forest in the outer mountains of Grand Desolation Mountain range.

All of a sudden, a deafening snarl of an angry beast came breaking the apparent tranquility of the forest.

"Roar!" The roar reverberated through the towering trees.

Then, a giant beast with unpleasant smell stormed out of the forest, breaking several trees that stood in the way. Its whole body was badly scarred, and the wounds were bleeding freely. Its skin had ruptured in places and raw flesh could be seen peeping out of his wounds.

"Hah! You beast, stop running! Let me practice my Brutal Blast Fist with you."

A young man came out, chasing the beast. He was as fast as lightning as he ran after the beast. The young man was none other than Austin. He stopped the beast in its tracks with a laugh.

As Austin proceeded ahead with his cultivation practices, he went into the depths of the outer mountains of Grand Desolation Mountain range to practice his skills with the demonic and diabolic beasts. He had just started practicing the Brutal Blast Fist and wanted to use it in the real fights to test its power. As a result, the nightmare of the demonic and diabolic beasts had started. Whenever Austin met demonic and diabolic beasts above level 4, he would use the Brutal Blast Fist to fight them.

The level 4 and level 5 demonic and diabolic beasts were equivalent to cultivators at the Earth Realm.

And given the upgraded power and strength Austin acquired lately, he could kill these beasts effortlessly.

However, in order to practice the Brutal Blast Fist, he didn't use his other martial arts skills. Instead, he would use different kinds of forces of the Brutal Blast Fist on these unlucky beasts. Austin always liked to challenge his own skills in every step of his cultivation process.

Demonic and diabolic beasts were born with strong bodies. Thus, they were the best opponents for Austin to practice the Brutal Blast Fist with. He had been dealing with these beasts for several days. After days of practice, he attained control over the Brutal Blast Fist more skillfully.

And much to his surprise, after he knew the Brutal Blast Fist better, he was even successful in using the eight forces together, causing the beasts to explode from the inside.

The beast Austin was dealing with at the moment was a black rock diabolic bull. It was a level 5 diabolic beast.

It was clear from its name that its whole body was black. And by the virtue of its black bo

out of its mouth also had a bit and parts of internal organs coming out with it. The light in its eyes faded as the life air left its body putting it to eternal rest.

The power of the integrated eight forces of the Brutal Blast Fist was indeed amazing. The black rock diabolic bull looked intact on the surface, but its internal organs had been smashed into pieces.

Austin looked at the lifeless black rock diabolic bull, flashing a satisfied smile. It was the sixth time that he had succeeded in integrating the eight forces.

Austin patted the black rock diabolic bull's head and a bloody beast core flew out. He grabbed it and put it in his Space Ring.

He had a separate Space Ring exclusively to store the beast cores.

The beast core of a level 5 diabolic beast cost more than 10, 000 vital energy crystals. Austin was super rich now, and he didn't take this amount of vital energy crystals seriously. Beast cores took up too much space. He wouldn't hunt level 5 diabolic beasts to collect their beast cores anymore. But since this one had been killed already, he collected its beast core as well.

Now, Austin planned to hunt demonic and diabolic beasts that were above level 6 because their beast cores might be useful in pill refining.

In the Mysterious Nether World, he had collected many beast cores of level 6 and level 7 demonic and diabolic beasts.

He would not sell these beast cores for money; he didn't lack money.

Now that he had achieved yet another target, it was time for him to move ahead. Hence he used the Wind-commanding Skill to move towards the depths of the outer mountains of Grand Desolation Mountain range.

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