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   Chapter 540 The Second Travel To The Grand Desolation Mountain

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Austin clearly knew that the youngest prince had agreed to do him a favor so that he would owe him. However, considering that the prince was nice to him, Austin was more than willing to return the favor someday.

The two had become closer and treated each other as close friends.

It was in that afternoon that the youngest prince took his leave.

"Master, are you really going to leave the Violet Orchid Empire?"

Violet asked.

"Yes," Austin replied in a determined tone.

"Master, before leaving here, I want to go to the Grand Desolation Mountain.

Before I met you, I lived deep inside the Grand Desolation Mountain. I was forced to leave my home because of the sixth-grade rhinoceros king.

But some of my best friends are still there. I want to see them.

Besides, you can actually establish your own team to protect the Austin Palace," Violet proposed, hopeful that her master would grant her request.


Build my own team? Are you saying that I should recruit people to work for me?"

Austin responded, seemingly curious and shocked with her proposal.

He knew that Violet must have put forward that suggestion for some reason.

Violet grinned and said, "Master, no need for that.

Have you forgotten about the Beast-subduing Skill that the Flame Emperor has taught you?

You can even tame tenth-grade diabolic beasts with this skill. I just thought that maybe you can vanquish a dozen fifth-grade or sixth-grade diabolic beasts in the Grand Desolation Mountain and ask them to guard this place.

I'm sure they are much stronger than those royal guards. What do you say?"

Upon hearing this, Austin patted his head lightly and exclaimed with delight, "Oh, yeah, you're right.

How did I not think of that?

Now that I have mastered the Beast-subduing Skill, I should make full use of it.

Fine, let's go to the Grand Desolation Mountain. Since the sixth-grade rhinoceros king was atrocious to you, I'll make him pay for what he had done.

At the same time, I can tame some diabolic beasts and bring them back to guard the Austin Palace. It's a win-win."

Austin had always been a man of action. Once he was set to do something, he would really do it as soon as possible.

He spent the whole day with Ivy and Sue and then left for the Grand Desolation Mountain secretly.

Before he took off, he went into an elixir store and bought a bunch of third-grade elixirs. He intended to use those to refine the Energy-prevailing Elixir.

Refining the Energy-prevailing Elixir successfully meant one had been a level-three pill refiner.

Austin was currently a level-two refiner, and according to Angus, the refiners of that level were the weakest in the elixir refining field.

So Austin had resolved to spare some time to improve his e

ade elixirs, he still made some mistakes in executing it.

Austin clearly knew that practice made perfect.

But after attempting for over ten times and not getting anywhere, he finally stopped, lay on the bed and fell asleep in his clothes.

The next day, he got up early and went on his way to the Grand Desolation Mountain.

Most third-grade or fourth-grade diabolic beast lived in the outer mountains of the Grand Desolation Mountain.

The third or fourth grade diabolic beasts were as strong as the cultivators at the medium or premium stage of the Earth Realm.

As a cultivator of the Sky Realm, Austin could kill more than ten diabolic beasts of that two levels with just one move.

Therefore, he didn't stick around and instead walked deep into the Grand Desolation Mountain.

According to Violet, her abode was deep in the mountain.

When Austin first met Violet, she was just a third-grade demonic beast. At that thought, he was astonished to know that she used to live in the innermost part of the Grand Desolation Mountain. He couldn't imagine how she had survived with such weak strength.

'No doubt she was forced to leave her home by a sixth-grade rhinoceros king, ' Austin thought, recalling what Violet had told him.

The minute he entered the outer range of Grand Desolation Mountain, he asked Violet and the gnome to get out of the Illusion Bead.

The gnome was an active being, and boredom almost killed it after being trapped in the Illusion Bead for so long. The second Austin released it from the bead, it vanished without saying a word to him.

Austin shook his head with a helpless expression. 'It will come back after hanging around.

It is shrewd and moves at an alarming speed. Only a few diabolic beasts could hurt it, I guess, ' he thought, not worrying much about the gnome which had just escaped to freedom.

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