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   Chapter 539 Help Me To Rule The Empire

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The Brutal Blast Fist consisted of eight different fist forces and during its cultivation, Austin spent more time on the first one, the tearing force.

After successfully completing the cultivation of the same, he got a deep understanding about the Brutal Blast Fist. What's more, he was also in prime physical condition which was critical for cultivating fist skills. Therefore, now he felt much easier as he went on to cultivate the remaining fist forces.

It took him about half a month to cultivate them successfully, but Austin was able to finish most of the steps of this skill.

Yet another step remained which allowed a cultivator to unite the eight fist forces into one and produce an explosive power. Austin hadn't succeeded in mastering this step yet.

But he believed that if he practiced harder, he would be able to master that very soon too.

There were several skills on his agenda right now, which meant he couldn't spend his entire time on the same skill. After the Brutal Blast Fist, Austin began to shift his attention towards a spiritual sense skill called Demon-creating Skill.

Once mastered, this skill would allow a cultivator to morph a demon out of nowhere into his opponent's Soul Sea. The demon would then swallow the opponent's spiritual sense power and spiritual souls.

It was a very mysterious skill and, several levels higher than the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle, which was much more powerful.

Such spiritual sense skills were rarely seen these days. However, several hundred years or even almost a thousand years ago, when the Flame Emperor was alive, these skills would have been more common.

After a month of intensive, yet boring practice in the cultivation room, Austin finally succeeded in the cultivation of this powerful skill, allowing him to add one more spiritual sense skill to his repertoire in addition to the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle.

Now, he shifted his attention towards the cultivation of the Kirin Golden-body Scripture, which included seven steps. Each step allowed the cultivator to morph parts of his body into a lion claw, a dragon head, a deer horn, a tiger back, a bear waist, a snake scale, and a leopard tail. Austin examined these steps thoroughly.

Then he began to practice the first step, Lion Claw.

After practicing for some time, Austin had a feeling that among the three grade seven martial arts skills he had picked up, the Kirin Golden-body Scripture was the most powerful and also the most difficult.

He knew that with increasing power, cultivation time also increased, and therefore, he had to be patient.

It took him about half a month but after that, Austin could morph his hands into a pair of lion claws. They were actually Kirin's claws, but were shaped like a lion's. What's more, they were also several times stronger than a lion's claw.

By the time he had finished the first step of the Kirin Golden-body Scripture, he had spent a whole two months inside the cultivation room.

In these two months, he had finished the cultivation of Demon-creating Skill, all the steps of the Brutal Blast Fist except for the last one, as well as the first step of the Kirin Golden-body Scripture, Lion Claw.

Since he had mastered on

't force Austin to stay here.

"Austin, I'm sure you will reach an extremely high level in martial arts in the future. If I'm in trouble someday and need your help, I would appreciate it if you can give me a hand for the sake of our friendship."

Reuben told him sincerely. He knew that with Austin's cultivation base and talent, he would make more incredible achievements in the future. If he could get close to Austin now, maybe Austin would help him out in some critical moment.

"Hahaha! Prince Reuben, it's very kind of you to look up to me! If there's anything I can do for you in the future, do let me know and I will try my best."

Austin replied with a laugh.

"Fine. Austin, then it's a deal!"

Reuben's face lit up.

"Prince Reuben, could you please do me a favor?"

Austin asked.


What's it? Come on! Just tell me," Reuben asked, a little surprised.

"When I leave the Violet Orchid Empire, my friends would like to stay at Austin Palace in the imperial capital city.

I hope you can help me take care of them."

Austin requested.

Ivy and Sue, who were his fiancees now, had cultivation bases which were too low at the moment, so it would be impossible for him to take them with him.

Mike, Evan, and Herbert's cultivation bases were also not high enough. If someone came to make trouble, like the Gloomy Mountain Ancestor had done, Austin wouldn't be able to come back to protect them.

Prince Reuben had become the crown prince now, so except for the emperor, he was the most powerful person in the imperial capital city.

It would be the wisest decision to let him take care of his friends who were going to live in the Austin Palace.

"Hahaha! That's as easy as pie!

I will arrange some imperial guards to ensure the safety of the Austin Palace.

I have recruited some capable cultivators in the last few days, and I will ask them to take care of your friends too," Reuben replied, patting his chest. He was trying to cozy up with Austin, and here was his chance. He was glad to do Austin a favor.

Austin was satisfied. Now, he would be able to leave Violet Orchid Empire without any worries.

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