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   Chapter 538 Cultivating The Brutal Blast Fist (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10633

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Austin couldn't help crave this spiritual sense skill after he had briefly read the introduction, and he wanted to interpret its profound mystery.

So far, Austin had read five jade slips and learned five new martial arts skills, while three of them had gotten his attention.

Actually, he had already decided to try the three later, and they were: the Brutal Blast Fist, the Kirin Transformation Formula, and the Demon-creating Skill.

Austin had gained lots of experience in the Mysterious Nether World, and the most impressive was the spiritual elixirs and the martial arts skills. Needless to say, there were also other precious experiences. He had run into Angus by accident and received the Scorching Evil Fire. Later he was lucky to get to know the Flame Emperor, obtain his vital energy and master the Flame Swordsmanship.

In conclusion, Austin felt his journey to the Mysterious Nether World had not been made in vain. He had not only made great progress in cultivation and stepped into the Sky Realm, but he had also received so many precious treasures. It was indeed a rewarding cultivation.

After he had carefully sorted out all of his achievements from this journey, Austin left the secret chamber where he had been cultivating for some time.

The first thing he did was to call Mike to come over. He handed over all of the fourth and fifth grade elixirs which he intended to sell to Mike, and asked him to sell them at the auction houses at the imperial capital city.

After that, he spent a whole day with Ivy and Sue. Although Austin had been setting almost all of his attention on his cultivation, he knew that he needed to spare some time for his wives. Since he had married them, he ought to do as a husband should and take care of his wives.

It was a wonderful day for the three of them in the garden of Austin Palace. He sat on a stone bench with both Ivy and Sue, where they whispered loving endearments into each other's ears and showed intimacy without any holding back. It felt great to be so greatly attached to each other, and it was relaxing for Austin to be together with his wives after a hard cultivation session.

Both Ivy and Sue were ravishing, sweet tempered beauties. Austin was still a young man at his seventeen, vigorous and active. It was a pleasure for him to spend time with his wives, and thus he devoted his heart and soul to please them. And they reciprocated in turn.

The next day, Mike returned from the imperial capital city.

He had succeeded in carrying out Austin's assignment and had managed to sell all of the elixirs.

Mike had taken nearly two hundred elixirs of the fourth or fifth grade with him, and he earned eighty million vital energy crystals this time in sales.

However, Austin didn't take even one of these vital crystals from him, but left all of them in Mike's care. This sum would be used as a cultivation fund for his two wives.

Since they had wed, Austin had tried his best, as a husband should, to provide for them from his vast resources to make sure that they would always get the best.

Apart from the large sum of vital energy crystals, Austin also gave the seventh


It could hold the attack of a rival, put it under control and pull it aside. What was more, it could pull that attack around and return it back to attack its owner, which was similar to the light fingers in Tai Chi, a kind of traditional Chinese shadow boxing. This allowed for the accomplishment of a great task with little effort by clever maneuvers.

Then it was the turn of the breaking force. Once punching, it would break everything in its way into pieces from the inside, and it was indeed a formidable force. .

With the chopping force, the cultivator's fist would become like a blade.

It would split the very air, leaving a smooth, neat incision. .

The softening force was relatively gentle.

For instance, if the cultivator punched a tree, it would not appear any different on the surface, but on the inside it would be smashed into a pile of fibers. .

To this moment, the effects of Austin's Overlord Body-refining Formula reflected its advantages by giving him a strong body.

He not only had a powerful physical strength, but also a body as strong as nails. But what was of greater importance, he could utilize every single part of his body as he wished.

Consequently, Austin was freely able to learn all of these fist positions without too much difficulty, from the tearing force, the pulling force, and the rotating force to the more complicated softening force. He simply stretched out his hand and brought them to life in front of him.

It took him half a month to learn all eight the forces.

By then, he was skilled in all of them.

To his disappointment, he didn't manage to complete the final step, to combine all eight forces together and generate a massively destructive blasting force. Although he had practiced many times, it felt unfinished, and he was unable to achieve the satisfying effect which he had expected.

But Austin wasn't frustrated, and he believed that he would throw a perfect Brutal Blast Fist some time later, perhaps in a month's time at most.

And the power would be multiplied once his fist could give out a blasting force.

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