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   Chapter 537 Cultivating The Brutal Blast Fist (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7496

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Austin took one of the five jade slips with the seventh grade martial arts skills in his hands and placed it against his forehand. Meanwhile, he drove his spiritual sense to read the letters on the slips.

All of a sudden, a flash of colorful light flared in Austin's Soul Sea. One after another streams of information turned into lines of mysterious ancient letters, which flowed slowly around in his Soul Sea, waiting for him to read it.

"This skill is called the Demon-terminating Whip.

It is a martial arts skill of the seventh grade.

It is made up of ten steps. Once you have mastered all ten steps, you can crack a whip one thousand times within one breath. This can develop into an arsenal, and its power is more than you can imagine."

As Austin had learned, the first jade slip contained a seventh grade whipping skill.

One thousand whip lashed in one breath! The power of this seventh grade martial arts skill was extraordinary, but Austin had no interest in taking a whip as his weapon. Thus, he decided not to cultivate this skill and thrust the jade slip into his Space Ring without thinking.

After that, he took out another jade slip and also pressed it against his forehead just like the first time.

And a flash of colorful light illumined his Soul Sea again.

"This skill is called the Eighteen Demon-subduing Stick Movements, and the weapon is a stick. It is a seventh grade martial arts skill, a furious, unbeatable one. Every movement is based on attacking aggressively. If you can reach the Major Achievement Stage, you can stand tall on top of cultivators at the same level as you, perhaps even beating cultivators of higher levels!" it told Austin.

However, Austin also had no interest in taking a stick as his weapon, and he became a little anxious now. What if he was unable to find a suitable and available martial arts skill after going through all of these jade slips? So far, these two skills were not his type. Although their grades were high, he wouldn't get the desired results if he forced himself into cultivating. Even if he tried as hard as possible, once he realized that he didn't like these two weapons, he would ultimately fail. He was even reluctant to touch them.


ey were different systems.

Thus, he sighed with feeling several times at this new discovery.

This world was so large and filled with various wonders! And all people needed were a pair of sharpened eyes to find it.

Austin savored the thought of this formula in admiration. He was unable to take his mind off it. Yet, at the same time, he knew that he would work hard on it later.

Since it was powerful in both attack and defense, it would definitely improve his fighting ability to a higher level if he cultivated it assiduously.

Thus, he also set this jade slip aside.

Austin smiled breezily as he took the next jade slip and pressed it against his forehead. It was also a seventh grade martial arts skill.

Just as before, a flash of information immediately flowed into his Soul Sea.

"This skill is called the Demon-creating Skill.

It is a martial art skill which uses spiritual sense," it read slowly.

Austin's eyebrows lifted a little upon hearing the first words. He wondered what this skill was about, and his curiosity was piqued.

Without any delay, he kept reading in his Soul Sea, wanting to learn more about it.

Since it was called Demon-creating, then it must concern the creation of a demon. But what was it used for?

As he read more, he discovered that it could, in a moment's thought, create a demon inside the Soul Sea of a rival by using your spiritual sense. The demon created could then devour the rival's spiritual sense and soul.

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