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   Chapter 535 A Good Master

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A thousand vital energy crystals! That was an unbelievable amount of wealth.

The guards, servants and maids of the Austin Palace were mostly at the Energy Gathering Realm.

A thousand vital energy crystals was already a huge amount to the Energy Gathering Realm disciples of the five prominent sects, let alone to those people who served others.

Even if Austin didn't give them one penny, they would still serve him loyally like they did before.

That was why when Austin announced the news and told them to line up to receive the award, all of his two thousand followers were dumbstruck when they heard it.

They thought that what they heard was wrong! They couldn't believe their ears!


A beautiful maid with an oval face called out with her trembling voice.

"Oh? What is it? Why are you not lining up to receive the vital energy crystals?"

Austin asked her, confused.

"Master, we are only your humble servants. We are as insignificant as the dust in the air. Sir, we are very thankful to you for rewarding us with so many vital energy crystals. We feel flattered and honored."

The maid choked out with tears running down her eyes. Her body trembled because of the sudden burst of emotion that she was feeling.

The other two thousand people all gazed at Austin with immense gratitude on their faces.

"It's not a big deal. I'm happy to give you at least that much."

Austin smiled gently. His words were like a spring breeze that warmed their hearts.

"Don't think too lowly of yourselves. You are not unimportant.

I told you before that I would never look down on you if you followed me.

You only need to work hard in cultivation. Don't worry about anything else. If you don't have enough resources for cultivation, tell me. I will try my best to help and assist you.

Don't feel troubled of your current situation.

You should know that in the Prime Martial World, only the strength in cultivation base can get you your own place in the world.

As long as you put your heart in it, you could advance valiantly in the road of refinement in the martial arts. You could earn the respect of others and get you a higher position in society. However, all that would only come to you with your own efforts.

That is all.

Go and get your vital energy crystals," Austin waved his hand dismissively and said.

Looking at Austin's lanky figure, all his over two thousand followers cried out simultaneously, "Master!

We a

ysterious Nether World.

The first floor of the Emperor Library had all of the fifth and sixth martial skills. Austin and Violet worked together to seize the treasurers. Both of them gained fast speed and excellent body movement skills. Without a doubt, they were the biggest winners who collected most of the treasures during the mad scramble.

With their strengths combined, they were able to seize several dozens of colorful jade slips together.


When he saw the seven or eight fifth and sixth martial skills in front of him, Mike felt as if his breath was taken away. It took him a while to recover from the shock.

Even for some large sect like Peripatetic Sect, which ranked the top among the five prominent sects, only a few fifth or sixth grade martial skills were at their disposal. He couldn't believe that Austin was just randomly throwing them out. It was astonishing.

The martial skills that Austin had were more precious than the marital skills that the five prominent sects in the Violet Orchid Empire had, combined.

Herbert was flabbergasted for a short while. He suddenly burst into laughter and started jumping around the heaps of vital energy crystal. He was grinning from ear to ear. He felt as if he was the happiest man in the whole world.

Mike and Evan stepped forward to take the vital energy crystals.

Seeing all of them satisfied, Austin left the hall and entered his exclusive practice room.

He sat down with his legs crossed and closed his eyes in repose.

It was time for him to sort out his trophies that he got from his trip to the Mysterious Nether World. He needed to plan for his next move.

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