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   Chapter 534 A Reward Of One Thousand Vital Energy Crystals For Each Man

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Austin killed the ten Mysterious Realm cultivators who made flagrant provocation against them at a fast speed. On the ground were pieces of burnt debris of the carcasses, reduced to a pile of ashes which was a shocking sight to see.

"Evan, Herbert, check their Space Rings and store them away. Take them as compensation for the bullying you have suffered during this period of time."

Evan and Herbert were still in shock from what they had just experienced, when Austin's voice got them out of their stupor.

"Austin. You are awesome, Tin," Evan couldn't hide his feelings of surprise and joy. He had scarcely stayed with Austin since he left the Sun Sect. Evan's cultivation base had reached the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm among all the outer disciples of the Sun Sect, which was pretty good. But the scene that he just saw Austin comfortably butchering ten master-hands at the Mysterious Realm level without breaking a sweat was still making his head spin in disbelief. Mysterious Realm cultivators were high in rank and powerful opponents, they were the same level as Theon, the Sect Leader of the Sun Sect, incredible that Austin just defeated them!

"Tin, you scared me. I guess Sect Leader Theon was no match for you."

Herbert said in a surprised and joyful tone.

"Well, spare me your fawning, go and pick their Space Rings first. Pay special attention to the one that belongs to the Gloomy Mountain Ancestor, the treasure he looted from Austin's Palace should be stored in his Space Ring," Austin called out to them.

In the Prime Martial World, warriors usually put their valuables in their own Space Rings and carried with themselves for safety.

Pulled from their reverie by Austin's voice, the two jumped into action and sought out the Space Rings from the debris of burnt out carcasses.

At that moment, around six to seven hundred guards were still surrounding the Austin Palace.

The guards all served the ten Mysterious Realm cultivators. When the Mysterious Realm cultivators died, the guards were still standing around in a trance, unable to process what had just happened to their masters. It suddenly struck them that they had no plan for such an outcome and therefore stood stupefied just looking at each other.

They had intended to charge in and fight hard to their best, showcasing their abilities and special skills for their masters. When they got back, they would be rewarded handsomely. They never at any point thought that within a split of a second all their masters would be annihilated.


he unexpectedly killed that Gloomy Mountain Ancestor and relieved us of the grievances we had suffered.'

They thought of all his actions and congratulated themselves at having such a competent and wonderful master. All his followers had saved face because of their imposing master.

Back at the palace, Austin ordered all his subordinates to gather in the hall.

With a flip of his wrist, a great number of vital energy crystals were taken out of the Space Ring and piled on the ground. They were taller than a man and were glittering and eye-catching.

"I know everyone has suffered a lot from the Gloomy Mountain Ancestor these last days. You can rest assured that from now on since I killed him you will experience more peace.

... Austin said a lot of things to soothe them.

As a master, he should show some basic care to these two thousand heelers.

"Next, everyone please line up and receive your crystals. I have prepared a reward of one thousand vital energy crystals for each of you for your daily cultivation."

In the Mysterious Nether World, Austin found a normal vital energy crystal range with Dewey and each of them dug at least tens of millions of crystals from there.

For now, he had hundreds of stacks of vital energy crystals and superior vital energy crystals stored in his Space Ring, to get a specific amount even Austin was too lazy to count them.

This time Austin took over three million vital energy crystals from the Space Ring as gifts for his heelers, which was a tiny quantity compared to all the crystals in his Space Ring.

"What? Everyone will receive a thousand vital energy crystals?"

It amazed all two thousands of them to hear his proclamation.

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