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   Chapter 533 No Mercy

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Austin broke the robust man's arm with a punch and then hit his chest with another. His motion was quick and fluid, and gave his rival no time to react.


The man gasped, unable to finish, as he coughed up blood mixed with pieces of his internal organs. He lowered his head and realized that his chest had a crater-like dent. Immediately, his eyes were filled with astonishment and horror. Clearly he wasn't expecting such a vicious attack.

When his gaze then moved to Austin, fear clouded his senses. He moved his lips but no sound came from his throat.

The man fell like a toppled scarecrow. He was still twitching in pain and blood spilled from the corner of his mouth. With time, his eyes turned empty and life disappeared from him.

All of this happened in no time at all. The tables had turned so quickly that the audience had trouble adjusting to the fact that the man who had been jumping on Austin moments ago was now lying on the ground knocked out by two punches.

An eerie silence followed.

Everyone was trying hard to grapple with the events that had transpired.

The robust man was at medium stage of the Mysterious Realm, yet he had been killed by Austin in just one second!

This was not an equal fight at all. Austin had wielded his fists just twice and the man was now dead!

In fact, the news that Austin had crippled Blood Wolf Ancestor's right arm with merely one punch hadn't reached the residents in the Royal Palace yet. None of them knew that Austin had improved his martial arts cultivation by a significant margin after returning from the Mysterious Nether World.

Besides, Austin had only used his bodily movement skill and his physical strength to kill the robust man. Nobody could tell at what stage Austin's cultivation base actually was because he hadn't used any vital energy at all!

Quite naturally, for these people, it was all too incredible that Austin could kill a cultivator at medium stage of the Mysterious Realm so easily.

Every cultivator at medium stage of the Mysterious Realm was qualified to be a superior elder of any sect in the Violet Orchid Empire. However, Austin, who hadn't even turned 20 yet, had killed a cultivator of that level without batting an eyelid.

Even Soren, who had been grumpy all this while, was dumbfounded. After a while, he snapped out of his astonishment and shouted furiously at Austin, "You... You killed him. You brute!"

"Yes I did. Do you want to avenge him? I know you are a part of the ten sworn brothers. Now that you've come here together to give me trouble, I must send all of you to hell to join your dear brother!"

Austin sneered coldly. He out

ed the man.

The flame hit the man's chest eerily, the hisses of the fire echoing.

It penetrated his body and came out the other side.

With a scream of pain, the raging blaze engulfed the man.

After that, Austin turned to the other cultivators and attacked them employing the same method of attack. The flaming sword in his hand was quite like a furious dragon.

Those cultivators employed all of their skills to defend themselves in vain. Austin's sword radiance complemented by the flames from his sword cut through his enemies like paper.

Austin looked in no mood to show mercy.

Finally, he pulled his sword out from Soren's chest. The fire spread around the latter's body burning his flesh. The smell of scorched flesh wafted in the air.

Soren widened his eyes in shock as he stared at Austin. Numerous expressions went through his head primary of them being doubt as well as regret at being so foolhardy.

His body fell and was eventually swallowed by the fire.

The whole audience was shocked in silence.

Even the residents of the Austin Palace such as Mike and Evan were taken aback by Austin's show of strength. The other cultivators living in the Royal Palace would have obviously been flabbergasted.

The fight lasted for less than a quarter. Austin had proved his worth again by killing ten cultivators at the Mysterious Realm in such a short period of time!

Some cultivators who had discussed about the rules of the Royal Palace were shut into silence.

After seeing Austin killing those cultivators at Mysterious Realm so easily, they now understood how ridiculous it was to uphold the status quo of older residents bullying the newer ones.

In the world of martial arts, the cultivators' strength was the only thing that spoke!

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