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   Chapter 532 Pick A Quarrel Again (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6468

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Although the ten masters were able to suppress them by using the vital energy force, they were, however, unable to force the guards and servants to betray Austin. They were extremely loyal towards their master.

At that moment, the entire Royal Palace was bustling with activity because of the commotion they heard which came from the Austin Palace.

They all left their palace doors in order to see what had happened in Austin's house. Curiosity drove them towards the ruckus. "Oh?"

"The Gloomy Mountain Ancestor has returned to trouble Austin once again." "He looks so serious today. He has even brought an army with him."

"Yes, you're right.

Soren has even brought along his nine sworn brothers in order to finish Austin this time around."

"You guys are just speculating again. I heard that Soren has prepared a party for his nine sworn brothers this morning, but I have no idea why they have returned to the Austin Palace."

"Well, I heard that the owner of the Austin Palace was a promising and powerful young man.

He has recently moved into his palace last month along with all of his followers.

Anyway, he is just a new comer in the Royal Palace.

It's just normal that someone older would come for him in order to teach him a lesson."

"You are right. When I was supported by the royal household and has just moved here, I was also restricted by the hidden rules of the palace.

I was forced to give a few hundred vital energy crystals just to save my ass from punishment." The residents of the Royal Palace stood outside Austin's house and they gossiped to no end.

It was as if they had nothing else better to do in their own households.

Like a pack of hyenas enjoying the spectacle before them. "Austin!

Get your fucking ass out of your house this instant!"

It was none other than the leader named Soren, the so-called Gloomy Mountain Ancestor who spoke with such menace in his

ting face, Austin remembered all of the things he had done to the Austin Palace, and then every cell of his body was filled with anger and killing intent. 'How dare this ingrate insult and threaten me right on my doorstep!' Austin thought to himself.

"Soren, I think that is enough talking already. You are just wasting your breath with this little boy. Let me smash him into pieces already. We need to go back and celebrate. Our last round of drinking was far from enough for me, so don't let this son of a bitch waste our time!"

A stout man curled his lips as he spoke.

Instead of waiting for Soren's consent to take action, he suddenly jumped up into the air and tried to punch Austin with his powerful fist.


Without saying a word, Austin effortlessly reached him with a single jump. Then he concentrated his great force—the strength of 30, 000 pounds on his right fist and flung towards the man relentlessly.


One of the man's arms had instantly broken off, which drooped feebly and looked weird and gross.


Austin landed another punch on the man again, and this time it hit square on his chest.

Crack. The stout man only heard a sharp snap.

He looked down, surprise filled his face and then he saw a hollow appeared on his chest.

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