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   Chapter 531 Pick A Quarrel Again (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6674

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"Mike, what's going on?"

Austin asked seriously as he quietly sat in the audience hall.

Upon hearing his question, Mike immediately filled him in on what occurred without missing a single detail.

According to his story, the warriors who were currently residing in the Royal Palace were all supported by the royal household, and were all in-debt in them.

But it was not long after Austin entered the Mysterious Nether World, when a man who went by the name Gloomy Mountain Ancestor, whose real identity was Soren, proudly barged into the Austin Palace and started demanding a thousand vital energy crystals every day. He also required them to send their servants to do all the chores in his house.

Mike, Evan, and Herbert refused his unreasonable demands which were out of the blue, and decided to teach him a lesson instead and drive him away. However, when Soren started attacking them, the men realized that he was at the premium stage of Mysterious Realm.

Since the most powerful among them who were currently in Austin Palace was at the medium stage of Earth Real, they suddenly realized that they were no match against someone of Soren's caliber. They were like kids trying to fight a grown man.

In the end, every last one of the members of Austin Palace was beaten to a pulp. Some were killed and others were in critical condition.

More than 60 guards were easily killed by Soren's attacks.

Cornered with no chance of retaliation, Mike had no choice but to give in to the mad man's unreasonable requests in order to save the rest of the men and to ensure a short-lived peace in the Palace.

Austin was already about to explode with anger and fury, and revenge was already formulating in his mind as he listened to Mike recounted the events.

He already knew that Soren was after him, hence the sudden surprise visit.

People who were living in the Austin Palace—Ivy, Sue, Evan, Herbert, and Mike were Austin's relatives and best friends, and each of th

hich created a thundering and booming sound.

"What the hell is going on?"

The servants who were busy doing chores hastily ran over to see what had happened, as well as the guards who were patrolling the area.

As soon as they got out of the palace, they were surprised that their house was surrounded by hundreds of guards armed for battle. Fear suddenly took hold of them.

The ten leaders all emitted an overwhelming vital energy force, which froze the servants in place, effectively preventing them from moving and escaping.




The servants didn't stand a chance to withstand the pressure and were forced to kneel on the ground, along with the successive sounds of crackling. They fell like dominoes one by one.

Most of Austin's guards and servants were only at the Energy Gathering Realm. They wouldn't stand a chance and resist the attacks from the ten masters at the Mysterious Realm. They were so strong that even the pressure from their vital energy force was able to kill all of Austin's guards and servants.

Although they were pressed down on their knees flat on the ground, they still looked firm and unyielding. Even these enemies were overwhelmed by just how loyal they were towards Austin. In the face of death, they still remained determined out of respect for him.

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