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   Chapter 529 Fulfilled The Task

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Austin took out three black and white fruits and handed them to Prince Reuben.

All the other princes, who were just standing close, instantly shifted their gazes to Austin as soon as they heard about the Soul-recovering Fruit.

Shock flooded their faces when they caught sight of the fruits on Austin's palm. Their eyes were all wide open and their mouth gaped in disbelief.

It was the Prince Reuben who recovered first. He looked dull and lifeless just minutes ago. However, his mood changed after realizing what happened. He was suddenly thrilled and couldn't even hold his excitement well! Even his chest began to heave heavily as his breath quickened.

"T-The Soul- recovering fruit... Y-you... Austin... You are... You... You are so awesome! Goodness! Are these Are these really the Soul-recovering fruits!" stuttered Prince Reuben as he was overwhelmed with joy.

He still couldn't believe what he was seeing. He then looked at the old man beside him and exclaimed, "Milton, look at what we have here!" Looking at the old man, Austin could tell that he was at the premium stage of Mysterious Realm.

It was possible that he was a master who came from the underground world and worked for Prince Reuben.

"The fruits are authentic, Your Highness. They contain powerful spiritual energy coming from heaven and earth. They can't be fake. These are indeed the soul-recovering fruits!"

Milton's shock was clear on his face. Clearly, it seemed that this was his first time seeing such a rare and precious treasure too.

"Ha! Oh boy! Austin, you are unbelievable!

I can't believe that you really brought the soul-recovering fruits!

This is such a big surprise! How could you be this naughty? You didn't even tell me about this until now!

You gave me no clue! Ha-ha!" Prince Reuben roared with laughter.

Having confirmed that everything was real before his eyes, he was glowing with happiness as his laughter echoed in that place. He was even teary with joy!

"Soul-recovering fruits!

How could it be you who got them? You are nothing but a hateful bastard!"

The grand prince's face grew furious as he came out of shock and realized what was happening. He was suddenly turning purple with rage as he glared at Austin. This turn of event was like a slap on his face.

He was more than sure earlier that he was the one who would win the throne. He was even boasting about it. However, Austin came in with the soul-recovering fruit! How dare this man shame him!

The situation made the grand prince so upset that he let out a bloodcurdling cry. His eyes were bloodshot when he shot Austin with disdain. He was even worse than a gambler who lost all his money.

"This is impossible! You are not even qualified to have the soul-recovering fruits, Austin! They are mine!"

the grand prince said. He was already losing his mind. Suddenly, he rushed towards Austin like a hawk that pounced on its prey. He clawed

th one wave of his hand, he dashed to the queen's palace.

Prince Reuben felt overjoyed at the emperor's praise. He was so carried away with his achievement and felt light-headed. He almost jumped and laughed out in joy!

It was just that he still needed to behave in the presence of the emperor that he controlled himself. Thus, he looked rather composed as he followed the emperor behind.

"Your Majesty, I believe that my mother will recover from the illness as soon as Doctor Hua gets the soul-recovering fruits and refines the pill."

Prince Reuben didn't waste a chance to impress the emperor.

"Ha! Of course, she will! Her illness can only be cured by the soul-recovering pill in the first place.

You have made an outstanding contribution to this, Reuben. You have done a great job!"

praised the elated emperor.

"It is my honor and my duty, Your Majesty," responded Prince Reuben immediately.

The other nine princes were all dejected as they watched Prince Reuben win the favor of their father.

The grand prince looked worst among them. He had worked so hard for the past few years just to get the throne. He had recruited people to form cliques and actions. He had built his networks by his own effort. He even gathered a large group of masters from the underground world of martial arts.

All his efforts went in vain in the end. It was still Prince Reuben who got the upper hand. It wasn't even hard to see that Prince Reuben would be the next emperor.

That was a heavy blow against his ego. He couldn't just accept all these things easily. He stood there dumbly as his eyes lost their luster. He then muttered to himself insanely, "How could it be possible? It should have been me! I'm the rightful one to get the throne.


You ruined all!"

The grand prince's expression suddenly turned murderous. He firmly gazed at the direction where Austin fled and then screamed, "Austin, I swear that I will make you pay!"

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