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   Chapter 528 Bickering

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Austin felt kindly disposed towards Theon, as the latter had taken sides with him and even stood up against the Flaming Sun Valley, Peripatetic Sect, Bloody Hero Gang, and Blood Wolf Team. As a result, Austin showed him great respect.

"Okay," said Denali.

She bade Austin goodbye and returned to Theon.

Austin sauntered forward, about to leave the square.

Dewey, Maria, Iris, and Anna didn't follow after Austin; their families were here, and they wanted to spend more time with them.

"Austin, I didn't expect you to return safe and sound. You are indeed much more powerful than before. Congratulations!"

As Austin reached the edge of the square, a group of people approached him.

The head of them was Prince Reuben.

Since the young cultivators' return from the Mysterious Nether World, the ten princes had immediately instructed their men to make contact with those cultivators working for them.

After all, whether or not these cultivators had found the soul-recovering fruit was the ten princes' foremost concern.

The ten princes had then asked each of the cultivators about the soul-recovering fruit one after another, but to their disappointment, no one had retrieved any soul-recovering fruit.

The grand prince had been full of bright hope at the very beginning. He had eagerly asked the cultivators working for him about the soul-recovering fruit one after another, including Graham, Bruce and their men. But their answers proved so disappointing.

Eventually, all the princes became disappointed as they deduced that none of the cultivators had brought back any soul-recovering fruit from the Mysterious Nether World.

Although Graham and Bruce was at the Sky Realm, and was the strongest among the cultivators, they had failed too. The ten princes didn't believe that the rest of the cultivators could have claimed the soul-recovering fruit.

Now that it seemed that no one had successfully brought back the soul-recovering fruit, the competition between the ten princes had drawn to a stalemate. They would have to battle each other in another way next time.

The grand prince had thoug

ince Reuben retorted before Austin could say something.

"Hah! I have to admit that this time, the competition didn't go as I expected. Bruce and Graham failed to retrieve the soul-recovering fruit from the Mysterious Nether World.

But soon, our father will hold yet another competition to decide who will be the crown prince.

I believe that with my resources and connections, none of you can seize the position from me.

You know what? I've also won half of the dukes and high ministers over to my side.

Brothers, I hope you all have a clear estimation of yourselves. You can't take me on. So stop fighting against me.

If you surrender to me now, I will spare your lives. If you don't, then I'm sorry, but I won't spare any of you once I become the emperor," the grand prince threatened in an arrogant tone.

Upon hearing that, Austin flashed a scornful smile.

"Ahem! Your Highness, I forgot to tell you something," Austin said to Prince Reuben.

"I picked three fruits while I was in the Mysterious Nether World. They sort of look like the soul-recovering fruits. Your Highness, would you please check if they are soul-recovering fruits?"

He stretched out his hand, on which rested three black and white fruits with a strong fruity flavor.

All the princes turned to look at the fruits on Austin's hand. They stood transfixed as if they were frozen. Their eyes widened, and their mouths gaped.

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