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   Chapter 527 Become Famous Due To A Fight

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7671

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It was the emperor who had come to the Blood Wolf Ancestor's rescue. He was the one who had put out the fire on the poor man. To be frank, even he was astonished at the result. Staring at Austin in surprise, he spoke on the Blood Wolf Ancestor's behalf, "You're really an amazing young man, Austin. You managed to even defeat this guy. That's very impressive indeed.

However, today is a big day. Can you let him go for my sake?"

Upon watching the emperor make the flames vanish in a second, Austin was in awe of him now. 'He is at the premium stage of Sky Realm. Of course his battle force is overwhelming.

The flames I hit the Ancestor were a combination of the power of Scorching Evil Fire and the golden vital energy from my body. They were supposed to be formidable and impossible to put out. I know that cultivators who haven't reached the Mysterious Realm can't make them disappear. Even a cultivator of the Sky Realm can't get rid of them immediately.

But the emperor put them out with only a flick of his wrist. It means that he is really powerful and I can't knock him down with my sword of vital energy, ' he mused.

"Your Highness, since you are ordering me to do so, I will surely let him go.

However, if he keeps bugging me, I'll not spare his life and I hope you will not hold me responsible for that."

Austin responded casually.

To be frank, he hadn't found much delight in defeating the Blood Wolf Ancestor. After all, he had reached the medium stage of Sky Realm, while his opponent had only been at the premium stage of the Mysterious Realm. If he couldn't have taken him in the fight, he would have been ashamed of himself.

"He will not bother you, I believe," the emperor replied with a slight smile.

At this point, the Blood Wolf Ancestor's face was pale and bloodless. And as for his right arm, only some charred, black bones could be seen. He looked more like a pathetic old man than a strong cultivator.

He couldn't pose a threat to Austin in this condition. In fact, he was in no condition to fight anyone now. Besides, he had learnt about the young man's strength and was in awe of him now. He was aware that he wasn't worthy of being Austin's opponent.

Wilson also knew about Austin's real strength from his encounter with the la

rong masters of martial arts didn't care about such empty titles.

"I was not that lucky. I just got a few secret manuals," Austin responded.

He wasn't going to tell the emperor what he had gone through in the Mysterious Nether World.

"Your Majesty, I am worn out after a month's journey. I would like to take my leave and get some rest now," he continued.

He had no intention of having any further conversation with the emperor because he wasn't sure whether the latter was his friend or foe.

"Fine. You may leave and get some rest."

The emperor agreed.

Austin bowed to him, turned around, and walked away towards his palace.

"Hi, Austin!"

A female voice resounded from behind him. The maid who had called him out quickened her pace to keep up with Austin.

"Why are you following me? I advise you to join your sect leader," Austin said.

The maid was Denali.

"My sect leader asked me to thank you for giving me those treasures," Denali explained.

"There is no need for that.

I presented those things to you because we are old acquaintance," Austin replied with a slight smile.

He was quite fond of her as a friend. Under that serious circumstance, she had had the guts to speak in his favor. If some other disciple had been in her shoes, he or she would have been too terrified to say anything in front of the leaders of the four sects.

"Well, you'd better go back to your sect leader and companions," Austin urged her.

He had no place for yet another maid in his life.

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