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   Chapter 526 Burning Blood Wolf Ancestor

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After quickly breaking the wolf's head, the vital-energy sword in Austin's hand turned into a flaming sword radiance and shot towards the Blood Wolf Ancestor, carrying immense momentum and destroying everything in its wake.

Instead of trying something fancy, Austin had launched the attack directly this time, without using any superior sword skills. As a result, a thread of Spiritual Sword Aura that was condensed by level one sword intent had attached itself to the vital-energy sword.

With time, Austin's understanding of swordsmanship had deepened, and with it, the strength of his Spiritual Sword Aura had also improved. This naturally meant that the strength of the Flame Swordsmanship was enhanced.

Flame Swordsmanship was a special martial arts skill which allowed a cultivator to convert his vital energy into a sword which could then be used to attack his opponents.

Since Austin had condensed his vital energy and was now at the Sky Realm, the sword he threw was so powerful that it could have been compared to supreme swordsmanship. Like an unstoppable demon, it rushed towards the Blood Wolf Ancestor with a powerful aura.

When Austin's swordsmanship had been at the stage of sword intent, the sword attack he'd executed had radiated a few thousand beams of colorful light and dazzled everyone.

However, for some reason, at the level of sword potential, the sword attack he used felt flat compared to his previous sword attack. Those former colorful beams had completely filled the sky. This one did not.

But it did give people a different sense of his talents. The higher grade attack he executed felt much more natural, mighty and full of energy. After reaching the extremities of splendor, it recovered its original simplicity, which followed the developmental law of things.

The strength of his sword potential, seemingly flat, was much higher than that of his sword intent.

Seeing that Austin had easily broken his wolf head by a single punch, the Blood Wolf Ancestor was astonished. The next moment, he saw a weird, long, flaming sword fly towards him with an incredible speed and a threatening sword aura. As soon as it reached near him, its power blocked the space around him.

He was scared out of his wits now. After feeling the s

t patted his shoulder continuously with his left hand. However, after trying a little, his left hand also started burning.


With his situation so dire, the Blood Wolf Ancestor forgot his dignity and screamed in fear. He knew that the weird fire was definitely going to burn him to ashes if no one put it out.

Seeing the Blood Wolf Ancestor suffer from this eerie, fierce fire, Wilson, and the other members of Blood Wolf Team were worried witless but they could do nothing to extinguish it.

A member of his team tried to extinguish the fire with his hand, but after patting the wound several times, his hands also started to burn. His strength was much inferior to the Blood Wolf Ancestor and therefore, within moments, his right hand was burnt to dusty bones. At this crucial moment, he took out his blade and cut his right hand off from his wrist, hoping to stop the fire from spreading over and completely burning him.

Once this happened, the rest of the people were even more frightened and did not dare try to save the Blood Wolf Ancestor.

They looked at his burnt-to-dust shoulder dumbfounded, and their eyes were filled with dread as they turned their gazes towards Austin.

Just then, a figure ran over and with a wave of his sleeve, a blast of powerful vital energy hit the Blood Wolf Ancestor's right shoulder. He was forced backwards more than ten meters before he could stand steadily. Then he became extremely excited, because the blast had somehow extinguished the fire on his body.

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