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   Chapter 525 Angry Sect Leaders

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Blaring voices, in apparent outrage, filled in the entire area. Everyone was utterly surprised to hear the reports of those who came back alive.

"What?! Wilson, you mean you're the only disciple of our Blood Wolf Team who came out alive? What happened?" an old man in red, with white hair and beard, roared.

The others immediately recognized that he was the Blood Wolf Ancestor-–the leader of the Blood Wolf Team.

"What?! Garret, there were a dozen disciples of our Flaming Sun Valley when you left, and now you're the only one back?"

the head of the Flaming Sun Valley shouted in surprise.

"Leo, our Peripatetic Sect had only a dozen principal disciples left. They were all killed except for the two of you?! I can't believe this!"

The utter surprise and outcries attracted other people's attention.

Before that, no one had noticed that among the young cultivators who had returned from the Mysterious Nether World, only one or two survived from each sect.

Among the young cultivators who came out alive from the Mysterious Nether World, only one was from the Bloody Hero Gang, one from the Flaming Sun Valley, two from the Peripatetic Sect, and one from the Blood Wolf Team!

This time, those sects had severely suffered a significant loss of principal disciples.

The Sect Leaders of the Bloody Hero Gang, Flaming Sun Valley, Peripatetic Sect, and the Blood Wolf Ancestor of the Blood Wolf Team were all shivering in total anger.

"Tell me what happened!"

they ordered in unison, furiously eager to hear the anecdotes of the survivors.

"Sir, except for a few principal disciples of our Bloody Hero Gang who died while recklessly searching for treasures in the Mysterious Nether World, the rest were all killed by Austin!"

Caden cautiously answered to his extremely furious leader.

"Sir, all of our disciples who died in the Mysterious Nether World, were killed by Austin!"

Garret told the head of the Flaming Sun Valley.

"Sir, our men were all killed by Austin in the Mysterious Nether World!"

Wilson, gritting his teeth, replied to the Blood Wolf Ancestor.

"Sir, half of the principal disciples of our sect who entered the Mysterious Nether World were killed by Austin!"

Leo, also with a guarded tone, reported to the head of the Peripatetic Sect.


Almost all the principal disciples of these sects were killed by Austin?'

The crowd was stunned to hear the outrageous accounts of the survivors.

"Austin, you bastard! You're dead!"

All the leaders of the sects yelled in resentment when they saw a slim young man jumping off the altar.

It was no other than Austin, the last one to return, alive too.

'Oh? It seems that the Sect Leaders of the four sects have already known that their disciples were killed by me, '

Austin thought as he looked at the extremely enraged Sect Leaders. A sneer crept out of his lips as if the adverse attention of the influential leaders was nothing to him.

When he fought

such a vicious killer!"

the head of the Bloody Hero Gang said coldly, threatening Denali with his vicious eyes.

"Theon, your disciple is so unruly!"

the head of the Flaming Sun Valley complained to the Sect Leader of the Sun Sect.

"Ha! This disciple of our sect is very honest. I don't think she would ever lie."

Theon just laughed slightly. As Denali had taken back a lot of treasures and cultivation manuals from the Mysterious Nether World, Theon was excited and suddenly amused with Denali.

Furthermore, Denali had told him that the treasures and manuals were all given by Austin, which impressed him even more.

Theon had always been fascinated with Austin, and he had felt very sorry when Austin left Sun Sect. So this time, he stood on Austin's side without any hesitation.

"Theon, what do you mean?"

the leaders of the four sects asked in an outright frenzy. They turned even more furious when they heard what he said.

"Ha-ha-ha! Stop arguing! If you want to avenge the stupid disciples of your sects, you better come at me.

I don't want to waste my time arguing with you!"

Austin remarked, even more arrogantly.

"How dare you! Go to hell!"

The head of the Blood Wolf Team couldn't wait anymore. In a blink of an eye, he charged at Austin. He waved his right hand, and a robust vital energy force gushed out from his body and transformed into a grim-looking wolf head. It rushed towards Austin's head with its mouth widely opened.


Austin snorted, showing no fear.

He threw a punch which forced the wolf head to retreat back. Even its color dimmed and turned darker.

Then Austin reached out his right hand, and a vital energy sword with light golden flames materialized in his palm.

He waved the sword and thrust it toward the wolf head.

With a loud bang, the wolf head exploded. It turned into vital energy sparks and soon disappeared in the air. The scene––the instant defeat of the wolf head––left everyone speechless.

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